how to relieve pressure built up from no pmo will karezza help

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I am at a point where I can go about 30 days without ejaculation and a lot of pressure builds up and i feel clogged and kind of crazy throughout my whole body, and i have so much energy that i can't sleep. What can I do to keep my energy conservation going but still be calm? I was meditating like ten minutes a night, exercising (p90x2), and doing yoga but it builds up. I am going to start doing the microcosmic orbit and hopefully that helps. Also i am thinking about practicing karezza. Will that help? If so how will it help?

The purpose of this site

is to help couples balance their sexual energy and increase the harmony between them. It's not to make monks. Wink

While a period of abstinence can be helpful, especially if those who are suffering from porn-related ED, it can be very tough to maintain it indefinitely while on your own.

Do you have a partner? That's the best way to find out if it will work for you. Smile

yes i have a partner

but every time we try karezza i end up ejaculating because she will start moving around and then i follow her lol. Its fun but id still like to keep my semen.

you haven't made up your mind

you have to show some resolve in this area and decide not to ejaculate. I'm sorry, I wish it was something else but that's all there is to it. 

At the start it will feel weird and somehow unfinished. But continue on this path anyway. You'll soon see how it changes your world and gets amazing. Nothing like it.

But it takes resolve to reach that point.

It's hard to hold back

I've tried, but accidentally ejaculated before, in my first reboot attempt. What helped was doing the ecstatic exchanges in the back of Marnia's book for 21 days (we did it in probably 25-26), and then when having intercourse doing energy circulations to help me not get too hot. My girl is still getting hot, but it's helping me. I'm trying to calm her down, and I'm not quite sure how she will calm down, because she really wants orgasm, but also it's probably good not to practice intercourse everyday, at least in the beginning. It's all new for us, so I understand why it can be hard to hold back, especially during a reboot, when you're still craving reproductive-based sex.