Hurricane Karezza

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The wind began to increase as the back spin of Issac raged from the north. The entire night was rough, especially when the rain began blowing sideways against our windowpane. The roof started leaking about two in the morning. Our little cabin is circular, a center post supports the ceiling and we could feel the walls vibrating against the fury outside.

Donna wanted to do Karezza. I said, "You want to do it during a hurricane?"

I can't say I've ever considered this as a real possibility. And I bet we were one of the few couples in the entire state having slow karezza sex at that moment.

But the most increbile thing was the atmospheric energy all around us. There is no doubt that humans are tuned somehow to certain vibrational energies. With the power of the wind and rain, the air pressure exerted on the walls of our tiny bedroom, there was a kind of energetic fuel that added a generous presence of the flow from my root, into her.

We were awestruck by the experience because it seemed to propel us out of the reality of the hurricane into a kind of tranquil, expanded state of free-floating in the void. It was truly strange and I wouldn't have believed it if it hadn't happened to me. The freefalling sensation, while entwined in the middle of a whirlwind is unimagineable.

However, I hope no one else has to endure the circumstances just to experience it!

Hurricane sex

Funny to read this. We live in hurricane alley and it has been a tradition for us to make love during the storm. One reason is knowing what the next few days or weeks will consist of. But yea, hurricane sex is fun. Glad you are OK and rode things out in style!
By the way my mother gave birth to me during hurricane Hazel!

So cool

That is amazing, that you two were having slow sex in the midst of the storm and that the weather's energy ended up seeming less terrifying and anxiety-provoking. I hope when you and your wife emerged from your home, everything was okay.