I feel like the story of our transition into karezza is about told

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Lovers on a beach[Excerpt from a site member's blog] Now finally home, this morning we awake early, and she suggests an early morning date in lieu of the Thursday missed on the plane home. This turns out to be a lovely long session, with lots of pillow talk and reminiscing, and about 6 or 8 of our favorite positions, lol. As well as the trip we also review the last 20 weeks on our karezza journey and we are unanimous at the miracle that has quietly but steadily sneaked into our lives and relationship. But there remains a sense of semi-disbelief that something so simple could be so effective.

Considering her mother's death and everything we’ve been through getting here, she has been remarkably non-stressed. In fact I often observed her and more often than not she seemed completely free of her usual worried look. Her facial muscles have changed somehow. I would say softened.

Sixty five thousand words later, I feel like the story of our transition into karezza is about told. I’ll probably keep writing daily for my own purposes, but it will probably just get repetitive:) Martial bliss, lol. I will ponder the idea of making shorter occasional updates. I will also try to get her to put something in writing about her experience of all this.

Lately we've also been talking about the M word. Marriage. I feel that my work is now to transition more fully from being that abandoned little boy into becoming more fully a man. There’s real work ahead, a house to build, serious money to be earned to help pay for it all, friends to be made, and staying solid for my beloved and for my own sanity in a world that’s going through some serious serious growing pains.

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