I just have a few questions on getting started.

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Can someone point me to a good book or article that could help my wife and I get a better understanding of what Karezza is all about? There are some relationship issues we've been trying to sort out. Not enough sexual activity for me and not enough intimacy for her. Just from reading a few of the articles I feel like this could be something that will help me becomes more intimate with her while also helping her become more sexually active for me.

Also is this something I could get into even if my wife doesn't at first? I ask this because at first glance I don't see my wife being willing to stop having orgasms and start giving me long slow teasing hand jobs multiple times per week. I think if we are to get into this it will be because I start doing it first and try easing her into it slowly. Then again I'm not sure I'd enjoy going without orgasm without the increased sexually activity so I don't know.


Yes, a number of men here have started without their wives. Feel free to send a private message to emerson if you have questions: http://www.reuniting.info/users/emerson

Our book might be a good place to start as the first part tells why I made the choice to learn this approach to sex.

Would she like any of these articles?

Lovers' Ultimate Sex Hack: Karezza

An Uncanny Love Potion

Another Way to Make Love

You might also check out this FAQ: How do I get my wife on board?


Hi Marnia, thanks for the

Hi Marnia, thanks for the information.

After spending a bit more time on the site, I think it might be good for me to start a blog. I'm just not sure if here is the right place to do it.

The blog would probably be about my journey from being an idiot into (hopefully) an awesome husband. Lot's of me trying to figure out how I feel about things and what to do about them. How I'm trying to improve my relationship and my sex life. That sort of thing. I'm sure it will have some karezza stuff in there too once I learn more about it..

Do you think that type of blog would be welcome here or would i have better luck getting comments on another site that's more aimed at working though relationship issues?

it depends

if you want people like me to comment then start a blog here. That's what I did and it paid off. 

The amazing people here helped me immensely.

BTW, it isn't about pressuring your wife not to have orgasms. I tried that with my wife, didn't work! We went from very routine crappy sex to sex every day or every other day that is simply out of this world. And she continues having orgasms -- more than she has for a very long time. It works for us. It may work for you. Each couple and each person has their own journey.