I need some advice on this...

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So I'm going through weird fluctuating emotions with the girl I'm seeing. Like yesterday, I felt really connected to her. This morning, I couldn't stop thinking about her. But now, I feel like nothing towards her. Like everything is suddenly gone. Like I don't have "feelings" for her. This has happened with her before. This cycle has happened before with girls. Usually when I start to like a girl. I've never been completely off porn so it's hard to tell. I am still interested in girls around me, but I don't want to talk to them. Maybe it's a flatline thing. Actually, maybe I just answered my own question. Since I'm not that interested in "getting" with other girls as well, I'm thinking it's a flatline thing.

My guess is that I'm still balancing out. Any thoughts on this?


I see what you're saying

And I gave it some thought this morning. What do you mean by "still only sexual"? You mean that I might only like this girl because I want to have sex with her? I thought a lot about that since you mentioned it. However, I find myself wanting to do things with her that aren't sexual. Like, I want to really get to know her. In the beginning, I just wanted to bang her. However, though I could easily make that happen, I find myself wanting to go slower and not rush it. Thoughts?