Inabilty to feel connected with ladies causing ED?

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I've been rebooting for over 260 days. I feel like I'm probably physically okay
based on my ability to get/maintain an erection to physical touch and light fantasy
alone. However, I still have issues getting/keeping erections for sex with girls I'm dating.

One thing I noticed is that I don't really have connected to any of the girls. Thinking back,
I haven't felt connected or really into a girl since my early 20's. Even the girl I dated for 5 years felt more like it was out of convenience. Since I go to professional school, I am surrounded by beautiful and intelligent girls. I spend time getting to know a lot of them basis but never get that intense attraction feeling that I had in high school/college.

I am thinking that I would have erections for sex if I truly felt into the girl and/or had a high libido. Does anyone else that has been rebooting for a long time and still struggling have this problem?