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Has anyone tried using interval timers other than for fitness routines? I'm thinking of uses similar to how this one is marketed: . I'm curious about others success or failure in using a vibrating timer to remind the brain to shift, focus, etc. I know some use these timers for mediation.

There are lower cost options: or the miniMax from . Amazon might be cheaper than any of the sites directly for the same item. There are smartphone apps that do similar things (search interval timer app or HIIT training app and so on). A dedicated timer might be easier to wear all day. There are also watches such as from: .

Clever idea

I've heard of such timers used in psychology and other research, but not in people quitting porn. Why not? Anything that increases awareness might be good...although it might also remind the person of his/her triggers.

How do you use it in your

How do you use it in your life?

Does this one repeat the interval indefinitely? Many watches seem to have a finite number of intervals, 5, 10, etc., after which one has to start the timer again.

Yes it does

Its casio model no 1922. If you go to the casio website and enter this number you'll be able to download the manual and see all the settings.
At the end of one countdown you can set it to automatically start counting down again. Same goes for the stopwatch function. Hope this helps.
I use it to remind me when to take my pills - every 4 hours.