iPhone troubles viewing site-- help?

Submitted by Kevin on
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Is anyone else using an iPhone on here to view this site?
Ever since the site reformatted about a month ago it's been a terrible browsing experience; the screen sizes don't adapt to iPhone, so I'm constantly having to shrink and widen etc to read anything in here, which doesn't really work.
I emailed a guy Marnia told me to, but he hasn't been helpful.
Has anyone figured this out ?
Thanks for any suggestions -I really miss my daily reading on here.

It's the same for me


I have a windows 7 phone, an adroid phone and a couple of tablets, and it behaves that way on all of them.  By design, the site is set to a specific pixel width. It won't resize the content on a  regular computer browser, either.  At least not any of the windows ones I've used.  I don't own a mac anymore, so I can't speak for their browsers. 



Thanks for the reply. Is this new for you too? Before it was fine.
I really hope there's some kind of solution to it

yes, only since the upgrade

A selectable theme with a flexible design would work. At first there were two themes, but that feature seems gone now. It is extra work to maintain multiple themes, since when you make changes and have to adjust both themes. 

Upgrades are often two steps forward and one step back on something.  We going through a massive IT upgrade at work, and that has been the way every part has gone.

Strangely this site works the best on my webOS tablet. A "dead" product. 


Would an alternate dynamic

Would an alternate dynamic width skin work? Perhaps there could be an account setting such that when one is logged in, one could view this fixed width version or the dynamic width version. Even if a dynamic width version is less visually appealing, those already using the forum probably care more about accessing content in a convenient manner.

Hi Marnia

Yes, I sent him a screenshot already and a few follow up emails with no adequate response.
I'm re-reading your book again to keep me on the path.
What a great book! Saved my sanity and possibly my marriage too!