Just Starting out after some deceit

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Hi all,

I'm here for the first time, and have found some wonderful inspiration on this site.

My beautiful partner is sticking with me after a few years of me visiting prostitutes with the sole intention of masturbating over them - internet porn gone way too far!

We are excited by Karezza and have been practicing it by doing wonderful, caring things for each other, and now we are getting the confidence to practice karezza on our bodies so to speak.

Sex life has been orgasm drive for many years, the pressure to perform intense in me. Now I can see a way beyond this, and a chance to heal together.


Great to hear that. Yeah, hotter stimulation can lead many brains to insatiability. It's just how the brain works as it grows number to normal pleasures.

It's great that your partner is working with you on this adventure.

What has been the biggest challenge for you two in making the transition? What concepts helped the most? We like to hear about people's journeys with this approach.

Yes, welcome

If you have the time and inclination, start a 'blog' by clicking Members Blogs in the side bar, then My blog. Getting yourself off the orgasm addiction train can be a hugely challenging journey, in which the rewards are equally huge. For many writing about it helps, and as is so often the case the more you share the more you get out of it in terms of self understanding, and also support from others here. I've been here three months and know that reuniters don't bite.

Have a good journey.

OK Marnia,

OK Marnia,

But I am happy to use my real name (which it was).

My partner is using this site too, but has no account as yet.

Thanks for a great resource!

*big wave* to Mrs. Astrosharp

Welcome. Even if you're cool with using your name it's best not to. I don't want others to get in the habit. We had a guy not get hired because his prospective employer managed to find his deepest thoughts here. "Once burned...."

How's it going? You two might like to read this thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/NoFap/comments/yauw7/from_a_pmo_wife_you_a_warrior/

You guys are truly warriors. This is a tough slog...even with loving help.

good news!

I've been a lurker for several months and I've regretted not joining this site a year ago! Glad that you've welcomed Karezza to your lives and hope that it will improve your relationship as how it became so beneficial to ours. :)