Karezza as Feminine Sex

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Things are going well. The last few months of working with daily sacred sexuality, especially after having confronting our showdown with our pain-body issues, has brought about a delightful exchange in the energy between us. It often feels as though I’ve prepared all my life to get to this place, being truly able to delve into the depths of love and intimacy between a man and woman.

My wife’s experimentation with heightened arousal has brought huge benefit to her. She feels that she missed out on years of sexual pleasure. So having the daily opportunity to ride the broomstick freely, without worrying about me getting overheated or depleted, or her going over the edge, is making up for time lost, allowing her access to an expression of femininity that she feels she wants to explore. She’s gone from having no internal, vaginal feelings to a profound energetic awakening throughout her entire body. After playing around with spontaneous orgasms for a few weeks, she finally learned how to navigate in a range that leaves her feeling completely filled up and balanced. It is like being married to a completely different woman. I’m amazed at the person she’s become.

For me, sex has ripened into a quiet state of subtle, delicate channeling. I don’t seem to need any stimulation to experience a pleasant plateau. I find my mind not grabbing for anything during sex. It’s given me quite a lot of insights about myself and the larger world as well. For example, I can see that our current society is in a real crisis, we’ve lost the primal support system that evolved us - the natural, steady drip of soothing, emotional comfort we must have once thrived on. I can only imagine how it must have been to have a tribe or a close-knit community to nurture, touch and interact with during rituals and ordinary activities - primary reinforcement things such as, gathering food, cutting firewood, planting crops, and so forth. Now, it seems like the only way to replicate that kind of beneficial sustenance is to have a committed partner and make love with as much as possible – in some form of slow feminine sexuality – where the emphasis is on establishing a connective, free-flowing energetic bond. Without that kind of intense focus, we’re prone to look for relief in other things – most of which are not always too healthful.

Over the last 2 months, we’ve worked non-stop – 8 to 10 hours a day – on a writing project, in order to try and express these and Darryl’s insights in a fictional tale. I think, perhaps, the best way to communicate ideas like this is in story form, because it’s often too dry trying to articulate concepts in a manual. Besides, it makes the viewpoints a bit more palatable for those who may not be interested in them in the first place. Somehow, a story is just a story, so it doesn’t have to be perceived as a threat. Though I finished the book and the editing last week - now, I’m trying to discern what my guidance wants me to do next.


I also pondered such an idea, of someday rewriting my journal as a story.

Anyway if you would like another set of eyes with editing, id be happy to help.

Self publishing straight to ebook format would be one option. Print on demand is another.