Is Karezza just edging?

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I have wondered this a long time. I heard that the popular term that refers to continuous erotic or sexual stimulation without orgasm is called edging. I have heard from various sources that this puts strain on the male sexual organs like the prostate and testes, and that people who try to avoid ejaculation (such as those who practice various taoist practices) often differ from pain and problems after a while.

I wondered what this community’s thoughts are on this topic? Thanks

Karezza is a more relaxed practice

Also, both members of the couple benefit from the nurturing connection, in a way that is not possible during solo sex.

You learn as you go with karezza. It can be like breathing, with gentle lovemaking interspersed with rest periods if there's too much of that 'edgy' feeling.

While edging is a search for the dopamine high, karezza pleasure appears to come from a more balanced neurochemistry.

Thank you for your response.

Thank you for your response. If I may add, I was informed that arousal causes the prostate to absorb lecithin from the bloodstream, and without ejaculation, this continous buildup of sticky lecithin can cause problems for the prostate in the long-term. What are your thoughts on this?

Unfortunately I looked for a

Unfortunately I looked for a source but I can’t remember where I first read it. But I’ve collected a few things concerning it. All I can remember is that upon a man seeing a beautiful woman in a lustful way, it causes the hypothalamus to activate the sympathetic nervous system, which in turn communicates to the adrenals to the lumbar splanchnic nerve to the prostate (, which begins to absorb from the blood lecithin (which is needed for semen), and is stored in the prostate. From there, it communicates to the testes to start producing semen. This all happens the moment the thought of lust occurs, so continued arousal over time without release would cause a build up of lecithin to build up in the prostate. I have also read that increasing lecithin intake in the diet has also been found to increase semen volume through increased secretions of the prostate. This continuous stimulation of the sympathetic nerves is one of the major causes of stress in the body, and as shown above how just arousal stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, perhaps karezza, while better than sex pursuing orgasm, still is perhaps a cause for a lot of stress in the male body?

Sounds like you're getting your info

from a Traditional Chinese Medicine site. While I believe the ancient Daoists were brilliant sexologists, I think some of today's TCM 'experts' misappropriate Western medicine.

There's no question that horniness is stressful, but the "obvious" solution of more solo ejaculations can push you to a point of not only diminishing, but even negative, returns - intensifying cravings and dissatisfaction, rather than easing stress. Once you understand more about how the reward circuitry of the brain works (the circuitry that governs sex, addiction and all appetites), the reasons for increased stress become evident.

As an aside, the frequent internet claim that 'masturbation prevents prostate cancer' is quite wobbly.

You linked to some research on dogs that is based on stimulating (at one time) a large group of nerves that go to many different targets in the lower region of the body - something that doesn't happen in real life. (Are you aware of the distinction between parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, for example?)

In real life, "fight or flight," which is governed by the hypothalamus and activates the adrenal gland and sympathetic nerves, inhibits sexual activity. So you can't use this research to claim that sex = adrenal activation = "bad."

I hope you get a chance to experiment with karezza and make your own observations.

Karezza can be edging but it's good for you

You can practice "hotter" forms where you come close to the edge. This has hormonal consequences, similar to orgasm. But you can do it. 

Or you can practice cooler versions where you don't go this far.

But whatever you do, it's with a partner and that makes all the difference in the world. There is NOTHING like Karezza with your partner. I used to masturbate all the time but never do anymore because I have no interest in it and none in porn either. Karezza has been just so wonderful that it has filled my life to the brim.

Stick to what you want and you will find it.