Karezza, Meditation, and Valley Orgasm

Submitted by John G. on
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During a meditation session this morning, I felt what I would consider a mild valley orgasm. It was similar to what I felt during Karezza yesterday. It was not as strong, it was much more subtle. But, it was there. And, my 'inner sight' showed me sharper, more detailed shapes than what I typically see during meditation.

Maybe it is a peek at what is called 'bliss' in the various meditation things that I have read over the years. I have no strong sense on this, as I do not 'religiously' follow a particular meditation path.

I am grateful for Karezza. I am certain that it is helping with my meditation, my health, my emotional balance, my marriage, my spiritual reading and development, etc.

Marnia, you caught my

Marnia, you caught my attention with "I'm not sure there's a limit, actually". I find this so true. Even after all these years the pleasure of bliss or the bliss of pleasure, just keeps on growing, expanding and getting deeper. What an amazing journey!