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KarezzaKarezza: the new trend reviving sex lives (Herald Sun - Australia)

5 Big Ideas for Keeping Sex Fresh in a Long-Term Relationship: Ever hear of 'Karezza” sex?

Karezza: Men Say Best Sex Comes Without Orgasm (ABC News)

There's a new practice that improves intimacy in couples (Romania)

Could Orgasm-Free Sex Save Troubled Marriages? (Philippines)

The anti-climax? How couples are having sex without reaching orgasm ON PURPOSE to put the spark back into their marriages (Daily Mail, UK)

Can giving up sex improve your love life? Devotees insist 'sex free' love-making can revive tired marriages. SHONA SIBARY and her husband gave it a try (Daily Mail, UK)

Skip the orgasm — what’s the point? Couples embrace karezza, sex without climax, to strengthen relationships (NY Daily News)

How Couples are Purposefully Having Sex Without Orgasm to Repair Broken Relationships (Medical Daily)

Karezza Sex: Without An Orgasm, Couples Say Sex Strengthens Relationships (Huffington Post)

Can sex WITHOUT orgasm improve your relationship? (Cosmopolitan, UK)

Le "Karezza": la méthode sexuelle qui va sauver votre couple (Belgium, fr)

Sekstrends met Kaat: Seks zonder klaar te komen

Το νέο είδος sex που κάνει θραύση! (Greece)

Things That Make Us Go HUH?!?: Sex With No Orgasm, On Purpose? (Glamour)

El método “Karezza”: ¿Cómo la ausencia de orgasmos puede revitalizar una relación? (Chile)

Surge una nueva forma de hacer el amor: no llegar al orgasmo (Argentina)

Una nueva forma de hacer el amor (Argentina)

¡Excitante! ¿Una nueva forma de hacer el amor? Practica el sexo Karezza

“Karezza”, el método que potenciará tu sexualidad

Karezza : Tenderness Heals (Related video)

El mejor sexo y sin orgasmo (Argentina)

El método anti-orgasmo (Argentina)

Sexo sin orgasmos ayudaría a curar disfunciones sexuales (Brazil)

Harrasta tahallasi seksiä ilman orgasmia – tässä ohje karezza-tyyliin (Finland)

Karezza: quanto menos você gozar, mais vai durar seu casamento. Será? Eu não acho. E você? (Marie Claire, Portugal)

A apărut un nou tip de sex: karezza. Află de ce revoluţionează viaţa cuplurilor (Romania)

NOVI SEKS TREND: “Karezza” – akcija bez orgazma (Serbia)

Couples Have Sex Without Orgasms on Purpose & Swear It's Better The Stir

Crazy Author Says Sex Without Orgasm Is Better For Relationships…And Some Men Agree (Bliss Tree)

Forget Tandric, here comes Karezza: Satisfying sex and increased intimacy without the 'big O?' (All Voices)

Karezza: The New No-Intercourse Sex Trend (Female First)

Intentional Sexual Frustration Or More Fun In Bed? (MensNewsDaily.com)

Why couples are having sex sans orgasms (Zee News, India)

Couples having sex sans orgasms to shed porn addiction (India)

Make love but skip the orgasm (Africa)

Karezza: Where Gentle Touch, Not Orgasm, Is the Goal (EmpowerHer)

Go Ask Alice (Columbia University Health)

Karezza: Sex, Please...But, Hold the Orgasm! (BettyConfidential)

In Karezza, Gentle Touch Replaces Orgasm as the Goal (EmpowerHer)

Hold the Orgasm? (TwoDay Magazine)

New Couples Therapy Trend ‘Karezza’ – Sex Without Orgasm (The InQuisitr)

Listen to a radio interview with Marnia about karezza on Sirius radio's "Broadminded"

Orgasm Shouldn't Be The Goal of Sex . . . But Should Orgasm Be Avoided?

Interview with Marnia on "Private Matters TV"

News for Couples: Karezza Promises Sexual Healing

A caress that eases tension - explaining karezza (NewsMail, Australia)

Real life: "We practise karezza sex" (Austrailia)

Karezza: the new trend reviving sex lives (Australia)

Karezza may be the answer to reviving your sex life (Australia)

Climax-free sex could spice up your love life (India, also here)

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The View

Those women from The View are so annoying.

You can easily tell they're clueless when it comes to Karezza and probably sex in general.

How great

that karezza is getting all of this attention! Lots of July, 2012, articles!

Have you seen an increase in visits to your site, Marnia? Any plans for a TED talk?

I'm just waiting for karezza to be recommended for sexual dysfunctions in the Harvard Medical School newsletter instead of the standard recommendations and medications.

Ha ha!

Don't hold your breath on those developments. Smile

Traffic picked up a lot for a few days, but now it's about 1000 more page hits per day than before The Big Splash. It was all quite a surprise.


At least they used the word "Karezza" somewhere but the rest of it didn't even get into what Karezza was. Really lame, but at least they deigned to talk about something they obviously don't understand.