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Hello everyone
I am into semen retention. I have experienced huge benefits for keeping my seed within,

I practice Semen Retention because it gives you so many benefits.

Semen contains so many minerals and goodness, it is your life force and sacred seed.

Benefits I have noticed from Semen Retention include:- improved memory, clearer skin, better vision, stronger erections, more energy, I’m a better lover, I have better vitality, less depression, more confidence, happier, less anxiety, deeper voice, better hair condition and improved immunity. The list goes on and on.

Semen contains all the good stuff, why waste it and let it leave your body. If you keep it within it gets reabsorbed back into your body and it nourishes all of your organs. It has been scientifically proven that your semen if extremely good for your body. This is why I choose to retain it.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Yes. In the beginning, I had

Yes. In the beginning, I had a problem, quitting porn and questionable sexual practices bc I had to and I felt so weak.. Every time I relapsed, I swear I felt the energy leaving my body as I slept.

But then I started to get better, and cultivate and save sexual energy, and, eventually, reached a point where I think I had a surplus rather than weakness..

I would feel an anxiety, yes, full on anxiety and feeling like I just really really needed to meet someone and eventually found that if I "took care of it" 2 to 4 times a month that feeling went away,

Point is I think there is a balance..

And I think it's healthy. And I think those of us who have misused our sexual energy need a time to work on stuff and it won't be fun...
Until we rebalance again..

retention for a certain time

and I fear to repeat. However, I hope that people who do not now my expererience, can know how we do.
We practice connecting every morning, but 100% orgasm only once or max twice a week. But at every connecting there are several little "riding the wave" until mabe 60 to 80 % .
Just calculate: How much is 5 times 60? Compared to once 100?
And You do NOT miss anything. And every juice and messenger hormones stays in you for the whole day, making you feel high. But 100% has to happen every week.

I must confess, that I additionally "practice" this alone every evening with some inspiration with som sex-clips.
My dear little likes my extra things. Maybe because they give new power of inspiration for the morning-meetings with her?

Anyway I know, that the control of orgasm is best learnt alone. And I began with the age of 20, now beeing 87.

Shocked? You should think about it.

Greetings for a nice summer-day from Heidelberg, Germany

Porn use by adults who "wired" to real sex

seems to be far less risky than porn use by adolescents whose brains evolved to "grab and remember" anything associated with sexual arousal. Thus, some who start out on today's hypersexual porn have real trouble responding sexually during sex with a real partner.

That said, among the first men who arrived on this forum with porn-induced sexual dysfunctions were men who had used porn for decades without sexual problems...and only developed sexual problems after highspeed streaming porn arrived on the "tube sites." When they quit porn, their sexual function returned. Are Porn Tube Sites Causing Erectile Dysfunction? | Your Brain On Porn