long-distance bonding behaviors

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I would like to know if there are any great long-distance bonding behaviors. My girlfriend is busy 24/7 and I simply can't see her all the time or bond with her nearly as much as I would like! So we communicate over facebook and sometimes (and preferably for me) the phone.

I just want her to know how much I love and appreciate her and am running out of ideas haha I try messaging her first and telling her she's beautiful and loved etc over technology but there has to be more I can do

Thank you in advance :)

I agree~

I agree with you that phone conversations are the best, even if you just call to say "I love you" and that's it.

My lover and I have to be very creative as we see each other only on the weekends (sometimes we get to see each other during the week if he has a job down my way)~~and phone calls are my favorite thing. Sometimes we don't really have anything new to say ("I really don't have anything to say, but I'm calling you anyway")...and so we say that...but still the call is nice.

We don't talk via Facebook (nobody else's business but our own what we say to each other)...we do text and send photos and also e-mail when we see something noteworthy or funny...but nothing replaces the sound of your beloved's voice.

Sometimes he sends me a recording of a song he is listening to on the radio via text ("Feel Like Makin' Love" by Bad Company is one of our favorites, lol~~we're old!) and I've saved many of his text messages to a file because they were just so darn sweet...but if I had my choice, I'd rather hear his sweet voice.

Try a Webcam

Hey dude, have a webcam? You can set it up and talk and look at her at the same time, I think seeing each other is really important. Lots of possibilities too, GNOC if you want. Not that hard to do either if you both have a cam. Just Google it if you don’t know how to set up—there are tons of geek boards to help you.

Rachel had some cool comments on stuff to do. Keeping someone in mind is essential, I text my girlfriend when I think of something during the day and we sleep in the same bed—it doesn’t have to be long distance only.

And whatever you do don’t fricken sext her pictures of your junk; as a general rule chicks do not appreciate gross stuff showing up on their phones. I knew guys in high school that did that—it never ended well.

long distance bonding

My partner and I have created phone bonding rituals at the beginning of our phone calls during the week because we see each other on the weekends. We sing songs about connection, we breathe into each other hearts, we do appreciations. Each person comes up with the bonding ritual every other night.
It has been fun and sometimes we are really creative. I definitiely feel more connected.