Longevity and Testosterone

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Mainstream pop science tells us (men) that we need to keep our testosterone levels high or supplemented if we wish to avoid the effects of aging. We are told that good levels of testosterone help us to keep our muscle mass, libidos, etc. like that of a young man.

But doesn't that actually cause us to age FASTER?

It appears that Mother Nature is lowering our testosterone levels for a reason. Perhaps it is so we don't try to keep competing with younger males for the opportunity to procreate.

It makes sense to me that continual ejaculation is triggering an accelerated aging process in the male.

Perhaps counterintuitive--but consistent with what Mother Nature is trying to do for us--shouldn't we men be seeking to LOWER our testosterone levels?

We men are often told to "get in touch with our feminine side". Maybe doing so is actually vital to our longevity. (this is different than trying to stay young)

Might we older males be better served by helping mother nature a bit by supplementing with antiandrogen herbs like chasteberry, black cohosh, hops, skullcap, valerian, reishi mushroom, etc.?