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I'm currently working on a new writing project to help spread the Karezza / Sacred Sexuality topic, hopefully to a wider audience. What I realize is that there are certain situations people face (are facing) in which I have no knowledge whatsoever, and so it makes it rather difficult for me to research and write about it.

So what I'm asking for is simple: Are there any guys, preferably "Rebooting, recovering porn, nofappers, etc." that have any experience in attempting a reboot / non-ejaculation-orgasm regimine without being involved in a sexual relationship for at least a year or more? I suspect that isn't the case, as a guy would have to make a decision to become celibate for awhile in order to do this on his own.

Most of the posts I read seem to indicate that a guy eventually includes / recruits a woman in the process. Please let me know if there is anyone out there that's working with this "rebooting" process without having sex. I really appreciate the help. Whatever info I gather will remain anonymous.

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I am

I am rebooting without a sexual partner, but will hopefully get a girlfriend once I feel strong enough (2 months no PMO) but stay celibate with her too.