maintaining connection with frequent travel?

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Hello Karezza people,

My partner travels a lot for work. Usually he's gone a week at a time every 4 weeks or so, sometimes more often, occasionally less. I am slow to adjust to his presence and absence. We like karezza, but are frustrated that we have to keep "starting over" after these trips (we were even more frustrated before we found karezza!). Emotionally, I keep having to re-acquaint myself with him after separations of longer than a few days.

When he is in town, the most often we sleep together is every other night; we don't live together, he has teenage kids, and the level of noise and chaos at his house is more than I can sleep through or comfortably relax in. Still, we feel pretty close being together every other night or so, and also have little bed-dates in the mornings or afternoons. But the frequent trips really break the connection.

Anyone else deal with frequent travel? What's worked for you?