Male intimacy cycle / Testosterone / Oxytocin...

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Hi all! Been following this work for a couple of years now - utterly fascinated and it makes total sense to me. 6 months ago finally found a wonderful partner with whom to experiment, who was (on the whole) open to experimenting with karezza and does not masturbate anyway. Hangover happened without fail every time orgasm happened and it fascinated me! My (ex) partner has now really distanced himself in confusion (many factors), and I'm trying to understand some things. I came back to "Men are from Mars.." that I read many years ago, and the question of the male intimacy cycle (man cave / rubber band) as John Gray describes, and how that relates to the dopamine cycle is a big question for me... Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on this that they would be willing to share with me, please? Yesterday I looked up John Gray on you tube and found a couple of more recent TED talks that have further confused me... He seems now to be saying oxytocin is necessary for women but a depressant for men...?! Can anyone talk me through any of this? Particularly interested in hearing from men on this point, please... Thanks! X