Manic Nation - Electronic Cocaine anyone?

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This turned up in my (ahem) Twitter feed:

Is the alternative cold-turkey no-internet social interactions (no email, no twitter, no facebook, no websites like this one?) or can we somehow balance our new electronic connections with real life flesh and bones interactions?   How do we avoid the addictive nature of this? 

I am personally in the midst of puzzling this out.  

I spent half the day with friends in 'meat space' (haha, we have a word for it!) just talking about everything and nothing while having a relaxed home made pot-luck breakfast.  This makes the connections real,  but this meat-space meeting is only scheduled once a month, unless a special event comes up, or we invite one another to lunch or snacks/drinks after work.  This particular group is really huggy/touchy/emotive, so even with just once-a-month gatherings, it feels real, BUT, most of the folks tweet multiple times a day, back and forth, everyday. The connection is always on.   One person in the group had been tweeting in the middle of the night, and we all laughed about it, because we'd all noted that his last tweet was just 3 hours before most of us woke up, and first thing, checked twitter!. 

And all of them had either their computers, or phones out (me included), at at least one point during the 4 hours.   And I felt sorta uncomfortable about having had my phone out. I really did feel as if I wanted my twitter fix, even though I was in the room with the very people I twitter with!

I certainly don't have an answer as to how to balance this electronic life with "meat space", as for me the two are intertwined, but the desire to check twitter felt compulsive, and I didn't like it one bit.







Been thinking on this myself

"In his office, during an hour-long interview, there was not a single interruption. No email or text pings. No ringing phones. His computer was closed. His cell phone was turned off, as it usually is. He sometimes works until 9 at night, but he doesn’t work at home. On weekends, he checks his email just once a day."

My new idol!

I have been seeing how seriously addicted I am to all this and the article made it crystal clear...