Masturbated and relapsed in a dream

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Hi Everybody,

I am on my day 16 without PMO. I actually think that It is better not to count it until you feel you reached desired level. After earned an MBA degree and working for well-known MNC, I noticed that I had concentration problems caused by PMO. So I decided to give it up with Cold turkey method. However, an interesting thing happened in the morning.

I had a dream: I dreamed that I relapsed because of MO. As i mentioned, it happened in my dream. Interestingly, I was feeling guilty and so down in my dream.

I woke up: Then I woke up with the fear and realised that it was all dream. But I was not quite comfortable at all and went to take a shower. Unfortunately, I noticed that there were too little dry semen on my boxer (or have i thought it was semen).

After I read the people suggesting that wet dreams are not considered as relapse, i felt better.

I feel it is a good sign that I questioned myself why I failed even in my dream. But I am still worried about the dry semen looking material on my boxer. Done is done and It was not caused by my intention. I will continue to work on rebalancing my brain without PMO.

I believe we will all together be successful!

Dreams happen

with and without semen. Pay them no mind.Dirol

They're just part of the clearing process, and the fact that you're dreaming about resistance shows your brain is playing around with the idea, whether you win or lose a particular battle.

Remember, this is a big shift for your brain, so trust it to work things out. Just keep your eye on the goal...and a good sense of humor in the meantime.

I've collected a lot of guys' experiences with dreams here: WET DREAMS


Almost all of my WD's involve

Almost all of my WD's involve me "relapsing". I always wake up and feel guilty at first, then I feel relieved that I didn't relapse. Interesting how that happens. I would sure like to have more sexual dreams that involve me having sex instead of me thinking I relapsed though...