Masturbation without ejaculation(orgasm)

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Hello all,
I have been masturbating since I was 13, in the starting I used to masturbate once a day, in the past few years I reduced it to only 2-3 times a month,

but during these years I found a new method of masturbation, I stimulate my dick and just before orgasm I stop and relax then again same process, now everyday I do it, I never ejaculate now, just keep doing it for hours,

sometimes I see whitish liquid in urine,
Is this technique of masturbation okay?
Anyone tried this?


It's called "edging"

because you don't climax.

Are you watching porn while you do it? (Stupid question, right?) If so, then you may well have a porn addiction even though you don't climax.

Addiction comes down to brain changes that include dysregulated dopamine response. You can get there by various paths. If you're addicted you will notice other symptoms too. Have you had sex recently? Everything go okay? Are you noticing any of these symptoms?

Here's an FAQ on edging. It may not be relevant if you aren't hooked. What if I masturbate (edge) or watch porn without orgasm?


thanks Marina

I know its called edging, I want to know whether its healthy or not? Healthy in the sense that it does not harm my body like masturbation does.
And yes I am a porn addict.

Who said masturbation harms the body?

I think there may be some confusion.

This website does not say that masturbation harms the body. The forum on this website - and its sister website - - address porn addiction recovery.

We view Internet porn as the problem and the addiction - not masturbation. That said, every guy who successfully reboots eliminates edging. Edging keeps dopamine high for extended periods, which only reinforces your original behavior. Overcoming an addiction is all about changing ingrained habits. In addition, It will eventually lead to porn use.

If you are attempting a reboot to overcome porn addiction, I suggest you start with the rebooting page -

It has many links. I suggest clicking on rebooting accounts -

I also suggest you visit - and pose the question to the experts - those who are successfully overcoming porn addiction.

Hello Gary,

Hello Gary,
Are you sure too masturbation doesn't harm body,

I have been masturbating since years and I am feeling it's harmful effects till now,
Some of them are:
1. Unable to concentrate. Unable to think clearly.
2. Stunned growth, I am 22 but look like teenager.
3. I feel very weak sometimes after orgasm.
4. Headaches after masturbation.

My aim is to quit masturbation, anyways
Thanks Marina & Gary for replying... Many many thanks...

Excess stimulation

whether via porn, masturbation or a combination can cause addiction-related symptoms like those you describe. Here's a good article on that: Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause a Hangover?

Gary's point is that masturbation doesn't necessarily cause problems in everyone, while addiction generally does. For more, watch Gary's series from YBOP:

What really matters is what's true for you. Just know that because the real culprit is dopamine dysregulation...edging to porn can be just as bad in terms of addiction.

I want to be a permanent

I want to be a permanent member here, I want to be friends with you and Gary, you both are like God for me, thanks for this forum , now I am reading every post here and its simply Rich in knowledge.

Also I asked you to create a new category related to binaural beats, please create it I will post binaural beats for meditation there, it will be helpful for many of us.

We are certainly not like God

except to the extent that you are as well. Smile

I post all the meditation ideas on YBOP here: Meditation | Your Brain On Porn

If you post in the comments there, I'll move your content up into the main part of the page.

Once I see what you post if I think it's more appropriate for this site, I'll move it here. As I said on another thread, we're thinking of coming up with a second forum for the traditional/energetic aspects of this practice.

Apart from all that, how are you doing? Any improvements?

I started meditating when I

I started meditating when I was in high school, exactly when I met my first love, I used to meditate before sleep at night and when I woke up in mornings, I meditated not to quit porn but it was just a way of praying for me.
That time I didn't had Internet or personal mobile phone so I used to meditate by chanting a Hindu mantra
Known as Gayatri Mantra

But when I got Internet connection I rarely meditated, in the meanwhile I used Internet to learn how to meditate effectively and I found binaural beats, and really binaural beats are magical, you can achieve desired mental state easily using binaural beats.

Now I meditate using binaural beats+ my old mantra... Really meditation is the best exercise for brain, I feel more energetic & fresh after each meditation.
And whenever I had a orgasm I used to relax with binaural beats so it was a great way to escape the guilt after masturbation.. :D but now I am using it to quit porn.

Also somewhere I read that regular meditation makes you sexually attractive... :D