Microtargeting - What if they looked at relationship dynamics?

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What might the type of porn or lack thereof or relationship-oriented media we consume suggest? Maybe these microtargeting researchers can look at these issues in the political off years.

Within five years, Will Feltus of the National Media predicts, advertisers and politicians will only target households where the messages can have maximum effect. And just like that, the days of shared commonality over a played-out commercial will be over. Women won't have to endure Cialis marketing, and men will be skipped when it comes time to air the Tampax ads.

This could bring new meaning to leave me alone, creating a bother with and not bother with class.

It's interesting that of the media forms, the internet in high usage keeps people most centered. Perhaps that was just a group they couldn't yet understand. It's also interesting to see in reverse how certain media likely to influence a person. It could be interesting to see this broken down in other ways than likely to vote and party identification.