Morning Wood - a sign for successful reboot?

Submitted by enigma2k on
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I am still in the rebooting process (day 68) and I' get just some sporadic morning wood. The last few days there weren't any at all.

So what can I make out of this? that I am still not finished with the reboot?

Do people at the end of a successful reboot get every day rock hard morning wood? It is at least something I have read in many reboot diaries, so I am wondering if I should way for some constant morning wood.

I would consider it a sign of

I would consider it a sign of improvement, but not necessarily a sign of a completed reboot.

To me, the sign of a completed reboot would be having successful intercourse with a real woman, preferably with a condom and no troubles putting it on. Of course, I'd love to have spontaneous erections and morning wood as well. Just the way things used to work when everything was in healthy order.

I don't have morning erections all that often

I think it's a function of dream sleep, or REM sleep, or I remember reading that somewhere.

I don't think this is anything definitive about your finishing up your reboot. What about the other things in your life, how are they going? How do you know when you are finished with a reboot?