My D-Day 1 towards 2 months no Ejaculation

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Ok, last night I have made up my mind.
I am going to go without Ejaculation for 2 months!

I have never gone so long before. THe best in the past I had achieved was 1 month (with slight masturbation but semen retention). Lately this year, I kind of quit when I reached 2 weeks, maybe because of loneliness and frustration (work, money, relationships). In face of these problems and worries, sometimes I just go "ah the heck with it, let's ejaculate, nothing to look forward to anyway!!"

This time, I am going cold turkey. I will try my best not to mtb, but I cannot guarantee it. When I get lonely, depressed, frustrated, my alter ego takes over and just wants to use mtb and touching to lift my mood a little. But this much I can guarantee, even if I backslide a bit, I can get my senses together and avoid getting to 80% of coming to the point of no return to ejaculation.

I have done 1 month in the past with good results = increased confidence, eyes and facial glow with life energy, great stamina, high charisma. I found that getting to 1 month is easy, when I live with a girlfriend, or with parents. That social company keeps my mind away from loneliness and depression. Although living alone now, I will find replacement activities when lonely.

First step: Yesterday I came up with an idea. I stuck a sticky tape around my penis. Do you know how impossible and obstructive that is when you try to masturbate or touch yourself when you have a sticky tape wrung around the neck of your dick? Unpleasant! This is to stop my alter depressed ego from taking over my senses.

Second step: I am going to avoid 2d sex scenes and videos totally. I know when i see porn videos, that horny personality will sometimes (not always) take over and try to say "Ah the heck with the PMO regimen!" So i am going to avoid it. I read someone said these fantasies are just 2D illusions, that got me thinking! Actually porn is not an addiction to me, but when I get lonely and depressed, I use it as a stimulant. It is a bait.

Third step: If I get a strong erection, I will channel the energy and circulate it to my other organs and other parts of the body to rejuvenate those energy centers. I need to do this to diminish the erection, because I found lately I can get very hard and big erection, and that pleasure sorts of makes me lose control a bit with mtb.

Fourth step: If I am lonely and depressed =, I will read, I will exercise, I will go out for a walk, I will chat with my friend, I will focus on a business, I will sleep, I will remember my goal, I will imagine success!

Fifth step: Mantra = "ejaculation is only 2 seconds of fake good feeling, you drop deeper into the abyss right after."
"Sex or masturbation has never really brought me any real happiness"

This is what I am going to do.
-No ejaculation totally for 2 months to see the improvements (MAIN GOAL)
Assisting steps:
-avoid mtb as much as I can so that I won't lose control
-No porn so that I won't lose control

Stopping or reducing ejaculation has been my goal since I was 18 years old. A voice in my head knew that ejaculation must be reduced, that voice just had the need to reduce it. Must be my Higher Self giving me advise. I had achieved 1 months no ejaculation many times, when I was 24, 28,29,30, 33, 34, and each time I saw improvement in my health, energy, stamina, concentration, and relationship. But lately I kept backsliding until, in 2012, at 35 years old, I could only get to 2 weeks.

Like the Allies in 1944 had to use great determination, sacrifice, commitment to start winning the war, I will make my own big push like D-Day!

23 APRIL 2012 = D-DAY 1

D-Day 2 successfully passed.

D-Day 2 successfully passed. I was very depressed this morning, felt energetically flat, and had negative thoughts. Normally when I had felt so depressed I would have used mtb as a means to escape and lift my mood, but today, I kept in mind my mission, and just lay there in my bed thinking about life in general.

Evening, went to casino to play a few games. Won $1250.
Feeling a tingling nice feeling energy coming up from my genitals up to my chest area. This energy keeps me feeling cheerful and slightly more optimistic. Eyes look bright and filled with life energy.

Today is day 5. Feel my

Today is day 5. Feel my emotion and energy inside is much stabler and calmer. Easier to control my mind for positive thought. Feeling a bit more confidence in overcoming setbacks or rejections. Overall, feel a bit better about myself from deep inside.
Woke up this morning with a big erection.

Today is Day 6. Woke up from

Today is Day 6. Woke up from lack of sleep (cos weather turning cold after midnight) and I was freezing at 4am in the morning. Neck muscle hurts (bad sleep position?).
Energy and stamina is good today, can walk for hours in the city without feeling legs tired. But, brain feels sleepy cos not enough sleep.

I spoke to my friend about my 60 days no porn and ejaculation regimen, he warns that what i m doing will cause me to lose interest in sex in the future and become like a religious person. hmmmmm..... and he says I may be desensitizing my penis for sex and that my penis may shrink........

D-Day 9.

D-Day 9.
Feel very calm emotionally. I remember at the start of Day 2 and 3, I felt very heaty energy inside. But since day 5 to now, I feel so 'cool' inside. There is this base energy coming from the conserved semen that makes me feel very grounded and stable. This base energy makes me feel more confident about myself and my future, like I can handle the problems of life. I can only describe it as a feeling of resourcefulness. I don't have to make myself feel confident, but it is a natural resourcefulness inside.

Also, gone were my constant neediness for things to be right, neediness to be accepted and loved. (I think those nagging feelings came from not keeping semen and it's fuel energy). Feel very secure inside.

Also I can feel the difference between post-ejaculation fatigue and normal fatigue. PE fatigue feels like your whole body and legs are heavy, like gravity is something you are fighting against to hold your body up. After PE, I may walk in the city and feel my body is so heavy, dragging my feet, using whatever is left of my base energy(or core energy). This PE fatigue is what i hate the most and one of the reason why I am doing this regimen for non-ejaculation.

Normal fatigue feels like this - after walking a long time in the city, I feel I need to sit down for a while to relax a bit. But I can keep going, but I can still easily hold my body and posture up. A vast contrast with PE fatigue where my body feels like a rag doll that I have to lift up.
I think after post-ejaculation, we drain up our core energy along with the semen wastage. Probably what the Taoist call Primal Energy which is the energy given from our parents and kept in the seed.

Day - 10!

Day - 10!
I'm really happy it's day 10 now!
Slept very late last night and woke up really sleepy. Had a slight erection in the morning and kinda touched myself a little. But I stopped and told myself "ok, that's enough, don't want to reach that point of no return and ruin my D-Day mission!".

Mentally there's no brain fog.
Emotionally, i still feel very stable and grounded inside.

I was walking in the casino,

I was walking in the casino, and on 2 occassions, 2 young and pretty girls looked at me and smiled.
The first one walked pass,looked at me, and she nodded and smiled, as if to say hi.

The second one, we walked pass each other, and she was glancing at me, and when i caught her glance, she looked down, and smiled shyly.

"uuuh yeah!"
ha ha

Day 11.

Day 11.
I realized that I haven't been eating much for the past 5 days. No breakfast and lunch and I don't feel any hunger at all. Usually have my first meal in the late afternoon around 4 or 5. Even that, the meal is usually a bowl of big salad with some chicken and avocado in it. Night time, just a small snack.

Anyone have this experience while doing a non-PO?

Nice job

Not sure what to say about your appetite. Some people get munchies; others eat less during a reboot. Interesting how the brain returns to homeostasis. Wish we knew more.

I reached Day 17, but on the

I reached Day 17, but on the evening of day 16 I had this throbbing pain in my neck (from what i know, it is what TCM calls "Internal heat"). My urine was dark yellowish colour showing too much internal heat. But most unbearable was, on the morning of day 17, I woke up with sharp stabbing pain in my neck vein, right behind my earlobe on my neck, and it was so painful that I thought "If this is caused by internal heat, I better release the heat". My friend who did 6 months of no PMO, he warned me of pimples and boils caused by internal heat, but I never expected this type of pain.

Ok, at this point I am not sure if it was caused by my semen retention. But I was so worried and suffering from that pain at that time, I thought I better release it by M. I did not enjoy the M at all that day. Then, after that day, I developed a flu symptom which cause me to have diarrhoea every day, and the stabbing muscle spasm continues until today. I am on painkiller every day. The doctor says an old injury in my neck is now inflamed, and it is developed to spasm, which is causing that stabbing pain every few minutes. It's been nearly 2 weeks. So not feeling well all this time.

On Day 16, I was so getting used to no PO that I could push ahead to 30 days easily - since I totally did not have any urge to ejaculate after I passed day 7.

Now Im considering seeing a physiotherapist to cure my neck inflammation and spasm. I went to see a TCM doctor after about 4 days of the pain, and he says "Yes you have a lot of internal heat". But he also detected that I have the flu, since I kept having diarrhoea, and he was suspecting that the flu virus is attacking my old neck injury (I sprained/bruised my neck about 1 month ago during sleep, it healed, but seems like the flu is attacking that spot now). he gave me very cooling herbal medicine to drink, but it did not cure the inflammation and spasm.

Hi reading back my report, I

Hi reading back my report, I saw now that I first injured my neck on Day 6. (28 April 2012). It healed after a few days, but on Day 17, it got inflammation and spasm.

BY the way, after I quit after Day 17, I continued to do another 1 week. During the course, I had sex with a girl (No O), and I brought her to orgasm 5 times in 45 minutes, and she said "You are like a horse". LOL
At the end of it, her legs were limp and weak, and she just lay there totally exhausted and could not catch her breath. Yes, female orgasm does tire her. LOL

Tshirt, good to get an update

Tshirt, good to get an update from you even though it isn't all good, just wanted you to know your story (and others) are inspiring.

Marnia, thank you for creating and maintaining this community, I know that has helped and will continue to help many more. I do have some thoughts regarding this whole thing though.

While I agree and to an extent have experienced the benefits of no PMO (most was 1 month), this kind of abstaining seems to contradict Maslow's model regarding our heirachy of needs. In order to properly function at a high level your basic needs must be met, and sex is right down there with our biological needs such as food and sleep. How can you argue that you perform your best when you are sleep deprived or hungry? Are you specifically distinguishing between sex and PMO? Or is it a matter of excess?

I find that there are times I can hardly concentrate when I'm so horny! Same as if you were really hungry, or sleepy. I do believe in plasticity and during the times I would abstain, I would not think about sex nearly as much, and therefore, effectively lowering my libido, which I view negatively.

With that said, I do find myself having a brain fog/depression/lack of motivation/lethargy after frequent PMO (perhaps its placebo - would be nice to see some studies, but I'm guessing this isn't really an issue that would be prioritized by federal grants!) This would go away if I abstain for a week or so. I do feel more energetic, voice deepens and I feel more powerful in general. I've never abstained for over a month but I am concerned about some reports of people having this benefit regress.

Perhaps some of this is related to testosterone levels? I have done research online and there doesn't seem to be solid, consistent, definitive studies on (over)masturbation and testosterone levels or how it may further affect the endocrine system. Of course there is the often quoted 7-day cycle but the study is not peer reviewed and personally, I would not trust studies from China where academic rigor is not on par with international standards. Plagiarism and data fabrication is of little concern in China and publishing in even the most prominent domestic journals are very political.

I've rambled, but would appreciate any insight on any of these concerns.

Have you read this article?

Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause a Hangover?

I agree that meeting one's sexual needs is a high priority. However, the assumption that "horniness=a need that can be met with masturbation to Internet porn" may be a false assumption. Your ancestors met that same need without Internet porn, right? Moreover, too much ejaculation actually increases the intensity of how is that "meeting a need?" It's not. It's just inflaming it.

My thought is that humanity has a lot to learn about sexuality - especially about its effects on the brain, perception, appetite, libido, and relationships - before it will be able to "meet its sexual needs" optimally.

From time to time we write articles about the basic assumption in your comment. See what you think:

Ejaculation: How Often for Good Health?

Masturbation, Fantasy and Captivity

WEIRD Masturbation Habits

Today’s ejaculation advice may be wrong for our species

Hi all, my neck inflammation

Hi all, my neck inflammation has healed. So now I am going to get back on the wagon. Today is Day 4 already.

Wake up every morning with extremely hard and big erection. Just enjoy the power and energy of it.