My experience - condoms do block energy exchange

Submitted by Daniel S. on
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Hello everyone,

I had posted a topic in a different part of the forum, seeking rather desperately for advice since no matter how "successfully" I seemed to be practicing Karezza, I was always feeling drained and weakened afterward. I wanted to share my experience since then, which is directly related to the subject of condoms:


We have since started using a different brand of condom (we had previously always used the Durex brand) and I am no longer experiencing the tiredness I wrote about. This has been a very remarkable thing, after months of such unpleasant, debilitating symptoms.

But the most amazing experience was what happened when we, in a totally unplanned way (we were out of condoms), made love without a condom. This was a completely different world - unbelievable! I had been reading about all the beautiful experiences of people who practice Karezza and had been frustrated for a long time since I had not been experiencing any of these. And during and after making love without a condom, there was a sudden click - this is it! It was so indescribably deep and sacred. It was obvious that completely different things were happening from an energetic point of view. To say we felt connected afterward would be an understatement. This palpable, beautiful, sacred energy was so strongly present. It was magical! The difference between with a condom and without a condom was like day and night. Now I can understand all these beautiful things that Karezza practitioners have been writing about, which I had not experienced until then.

Since we do not want to take the risk (and do not wish to use birth control pills), we will probably not be making love without a condom again. (As I mentioned, it was completely unplanned and unexpected). But for me it is now clear - what Mantak Chia, von Urban, and other writers have said about condoms interfering with the energy exchange is quite undoubtedly true.

We are going to order lambskin condoms (it seems there is only one brand available?) and try these.