My solo practice (male):

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For the times when my female partner is not available for weeks, I still want to enjoy some Karezza-style sensations. To allow for a hands-off approach, with no resemblance to a earlier PMO activities, I decided to experiment with a sheath for the penis. Building my own sheath, fitting to my personal dimensions, was a truly rewarding project. I used clear 1.5 inch heat shrink tubing as a starting material, and built several prototypes with different circumferences and shapes. The material is still quite flexible after forming, but not stretchable; it is easy to clean and does not deteriorate from lubricants.
Karezza is a highly sensual, meditative experience, with concentration on what is happening in the body. As a preparation for the session, I do the Magic Four, which loosens the core and helps connect the pelvis with the brain. While I go through the motions, I gently direct my breath to different parts of the lungs, left and/or right, upper and middle and lower area, and I feel the sensations from the air passing in and out of the lungs, as well as the sensations from the associated gentle movements of my torso.
To get the sheath on, I either lubricate the inside and the penis, and insert, or wrap a handkerchief around the penis, pull through and lubricate the glans. Then I lie down on my back or on one side, pull my duvet over me and place the sheath with the penis inside in a fold of the duvet, to achieve a comfortable position. Then I just relax, enjoying my inner life. Sometimes the act of concentrating on the penis is sufficient to receive pleasurable feedback from the shaft and glans. This changes with the strength of the erection: there is a whole range of sensations, like tickling from a light contact with the sheath, all the way to the forceful pressure against the sheath. The slight body movements from the breath add to the sensations. I let the bliss expand out of the immediate groin area. And it seems like when I am doing this more often, I am getting more sensitive, and more bliss. For more pleasure, I massage scrotum and testicles and the length of the vas as far as accessible. I do this all very gently, without building up much excitement, such that the prostate joins the sensations and does not ejaculate; the body gets used to these pleasurable feelings.
Note that this practice does not involve any visual stimulation or fantasies.
I still want to do Karezza with my partner; it's easier to have a full body experience: her skin, smell, her voice expressing pleasure, and her breasts touching my body, the sense of connection. However there are other aspects unique to the solo experience: I can be fully relaxed, (let's face it, nature could have created the connecting body parts in a way that it would be more comfortable for the rest of the body when joined), I have full control over my sensations, the testicles and the vas become also sources of pleasure.

My goal is simply to enjoy

My goal is simply to enjoy similar sensations as when I am making love with my wife Karezza style; I am not interested in transmuting energy or the like. The solo practice also leads to more intense and varied sensations on the pleasure plateau.

You find The Magic Four with

You find The Magic Four with Google, or at . It's a Yoga practice with the goal of opening up your core, in particular releasing tension in your pelvis and further up along the spine. After some time, more sensations are experienced in the lower pelvic area; this makes the pleasure plateau even more enjoyable and ultimately so satisfying that the desire for orgasm vanishes. I like to combine the series with conscious breathing (not forced).