Natural orgasm cycle for males?

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Ok, for the past few months I tried to get rid of orgasm totally. I kind of started to see it as some "bad" thing which always leads to dopamine depletion, and thus should always be avoided. Gary said somewhere the ONE orgasm takes two weeks for the neurochemicals to return to normal. Frankly, this scared the shit out of me...I feared orgasm for my life, lol.

I DEFINITELY want to quit porn at this point. It's obviously a waste. But orgasm itself...I'm not sure anymore. NEVER orgasming seems a bit ridiculous, and even unnatural. Why would the natural intelligence of the universe install a faulty sexual program into our system (orgasm).

So i guess my question is this...what is a NATURAL orgasm cycle for males? I was thinking since testosterone spikes on the 7th day (then drops afterwards), then 1x a week is actually the natural cycle.

I can't see how ONE orgasm a week can ruin a man's reward system totally...and if it can, well i guess nature is just very, very cruel!

no, that's why i'm asking

no, that's why i'm asking this.

i tried the very strict "no pmo" for up to 21 days. by the end of it, i was starting to feel more sexually repressed than anything and was beginning to feel depressed (which is WHY i started doing this...i thought rebooting/abstinence would restore my dopamine receptors and "cure" depression almost totally...)

i dunno, i'm tired of being "orgasm free" all the time because it hasn't provided the benefits i expected. i think all this worrying about orgasming has caused me more mental anguish than necessary.

i DO think that addiction to mb/o is a bad thing and can deplete dopamine to a dangerous degree, but ONLY in excess. there HAS to be a natural cycle somewhere...our bodies just weren't meant to be denied sexual release forever, it's just totally unnatural.

it's the same thing with a pleasure like chocolate...just cuz' you eat a candy bar ONCE doesn't mean you're reward system is hijacked and you have to wait two weeks to recover. i don't see what the problem is with occasional indulgence from time to time?

like i said, i'm thinking 1 orgasm a week might actually be healthy (and WON'T destroy our reward system for weeks on end...i mean, c'mon!)...perhaps this isn't the best place to ask considering everyone here seems to want to stop orgasm

Try it

And find out. See how it goes. See if its an easy rhythm to sustain. If you can do it youll be ahead of 99% of the population, and undoubted live longer as well. O isnt bad, it just has certain consequences in certain situations. The key to all this is how you undertake it, what state your mind is in. If you approach anything done with love and awareness, nothing is bad. Enjoy.

it might be great for you

who can say? Just test it out, like Treehouse says. I'm loving not having any orgasms and not masturbating at all, but that's because I have a loving partner and without that I might feel differently. I think when I have sex and bond with my partner, it releases this pent up sexual energy in a different way than an orgasm does, but it does release it. I can almost feel it. So I don't feel any repression. It's been about 8 months for me since I had an orgasm and I feel incredible. But again, if I were single, different story.

I'm glad you're coming to your senses

You need to find the right balance for yourself. Did you have a look at this FAQ:

Are there any guidelines for healthy masturbation?

The fact that there's a neurochemical cycle after orgasm is just part of life. It doesn't mean you'll be better off avoiding orgasm altogether. It's addicts with ED who benefit from giving up orgasm totally for a bit.

When you have a partner, if you're noticing you don't like the aftereffects of climax, you have the option of a karezza approach, but while you're on your own, you have fewer options. Some traditions advised solo guys to learn energy circulation exercises with spiritual practices. You can read about some here: Energy Circulation Practices. Other guys prefer to wait for wet dreams rather than masturbate. Other guys need to find a masturbation schedule. (Try to rely on sensual touch without porn or porn fantasy, as that is pretty preparation for real sex.)

Let us know what works for you.