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Hi I'm new to this site but I need help in recovering from my porn addiction. I've tried my best to not view porn but its really been bothering me lately cause its been affecting me a lot and I believe its been messing with my head. Lately when I've been watching porn I don't seem to get a hard erection when looking at naked photos at girls but I can get one by looking at photos of a guy, I've been a straight guy my whole entire life and I know I'm straight but I'm afraid if my sexual orientation changed because of porn. I've been reading online that you need to reboot your self so everything can go back to normal, if this is true can someone confirm that to me please and for my porn addiction can you give tips on how to avoid it and how to fight the being horny, I'd prefer if u write it down in the comments instead of me going on different website and reading it, thank you.

Have a look at this page

and follow some of the links. I'm straight, but attracted to transexual or gay porn. What's up? | Your Brain On Porn

It's quite common for heavy porn users to escalate to novel genres of porn, and often the more shocking or anxiety-producing, the more their brain/body finds them arousing.

Quite often, if you quit porn and return your brain to its normal sensitivity to pleasure, you find your original sexual tastes reassert themselves.

In other words, overconsumption of porn (over-stimulation of the brain) is often what causes weird stuff to register as "hot." Try a long time out.


I really appreciate the comment you posted I actually read the article and took some points from it and it made me feel better.

I've always knew I was straight my whole entire life but feared I was gay but in reality its just my mind playing tricks on me, I'm not going to lie either but lately the porn videos I've been watching are extreme such as tranny porn but in reality I'm not into those but when I'm in the moment I just want to masturbate to anything and then I get depressed and Ashamed of my self because that's not who I really am and that's not what I want in real life.

I will dedicate my self into changing who I am and try my hardest to not masturbate or view porn and try my best to reboot myself because I want to have a normal erection when it comes to seeing woman

Just to clarify,

you don't have to try to change "who you are." You just have to stop overstimulating your brain with Internet porn. Watch this video series and you will see the mechanics of what's going on. When you look at extreme stuff to get off, you reinforce its "value" in your brain, and your brain, which only goes by neurochemicals released, begins to wire to the new stuff.

The amazing thing is that the process will slowly reverse itself if you deal with your addiction.

Get some support, because this will take time and determination to overcome. All these forums have lots of guys working on similar challenges:




More here:

When I mean by changing who I

When I mean by changing who I am I just want to change my habits and find good ones, anyways it been 2 and half days since I saw porn or even masturbated I've been keeping my self busy by following series called niptuck(its a show) , and for my hocd I've learned it just my mind, its not gone yet but I know its getting there, I also found some of my triggers on what's making me horny and im avoiding them, I've also have been eating more healthy and been exercising for those past days I haven't masturbated.

I know this is a start and I can't say Im healed yet but even though for those 2 and half days I just feel proud of my self because I feel confident for the rest of the month, also just wanted to say thank you to this site because its making me boost my confidence and the way how its helping everyone with there addiction

That's good progress

The first two weeks are usually the most challenging. And sometimes there are moments where the anxiety really shoots up. Just let them pass and turn your attention to pre-chosen activities. (Pushups, projects, taking a walk outside, talking to a friend, etc.)

I'm having wicked bad anxiety

I'm having wicked bad anxiety, my hocd is attacking me really bad too, its been 3 full days and I know I cant complain or bitch but I just need to release that and tell someone, I feel like shit and I know its just the change and my brain rewiring but I don't know if it will get better or its getting worse. My mind is telling me I'm straight but my penis telling me im gay. I really don't want a shrink because I believe its going to make me feel worse and put thing in my head that I dot want.

I have had depression on and off in my life and never really had a doctor but I opened up to a friend of mine and told him and it made me better

Im just scared of the end result of all this.

The anxiety often gets worse at first

It's because withdrawal raises anxiety (for everyone). Read this, as it might help put things in perspective:

Just keep telling yourself that whatever you are, you won't know for a couple of months.

Sometimes the OCD guys find meds helpful for a bit, just to ease the anxiety. Think about seeing your doctor.

I'm sorry you're having such a tough time. But relapsing will just prolong the misery, so give it your best shot. First two weeks are the worst.

Have you tried Cold Showers? Lots of good ideas here too: ♦Solo Tools

*big hug*

I relapsed twice and I feel

I relapsed twice and I feel like shit I was doing good, 6 day, then it happened. I don't know what to do I thought I had it in me but im just week minded, im not happy what I did any advice on how I can get my self back up I know im a pain in the ass by commenting the same shit over and over again but I don't know how to beat this, I masturbated to gay crap but as I was doing it I noticed that isn't me me and right before I was going to stop it was to late.

I just don't know what to do anymore.

Get some support

These are really good forums. Ask your questions there and you'll get all kinds of great advice.




If you don't want to do that, browse We have collected a ton of the best advice, tips and self-reports over there.

And don't get discouraged. We hear from lots of guys who had many relapses at first and just didn't give up. A year later they have it all under control. Drinks

Its been a month but let me

Its been a month but let me fill u in on what's going on in my life so far, for the month of may I was really proud of my self because I actually did try to not masturbate, for example I would NOT masturbate for 4 or even 5 days then I would masturbate on the 5 or 6 day. The reason I would do that is because I was trying to slow down the level of testosterone being produced in my balls but now for the month of June I fucked up really badly I would masturbate every other day its killing me because not only that but my hocd is destroying me its going to the point where its convincing me im gay and that its making me depressed. For the past couple days I've been thinking to my self maybe I am gay but then when im sitting at the cafeteria in school I notice girls more then guys I check girls more then guys. Also there is this girl I like , I think of her sometimes but when I do my hocd gets in the way. I really don't know what to do anymore am I gay or not , am I straight or not irk anymore, I keep saying to my self Idc but I actually do anyways coming back to this site today and reminding my self why stopping porn is actually made me feel better and im going to try my best. Talking out my expression or even feeling makes me me feel better especially over here cuz its people that I can trust and ask for advice so time start again with the 30 day challenge starting todayi might reply every Sunday to tell u how it is but im sorry if im annoying or even bothering u its just I wana try to make a better person out of me and be normal because my hocd is NOT going to take over and over my dead body I will NOT turn gay because of it

You need to stop the porn

and maybe even the masturbation - certainly for a couple of months. The fact that you escalated back into frequent masturbation means you were actually ejaculating too much. I know this is confusing, but cravings are not the same as libido. You, my friend, are being pushed around by cravings.

The way out is through withdrawal.

That will take a couple of months at least.

Once your brain is back in balance, you'll figure out the rest of the questions. Meanwhile, focusing on your HOCD and testing and analyzing is the worst thing you can do.

Read these:

Exposure Therapy for HOCD?

Do You Need A Chaser After Sex? (Note that the ancient Chinese warned that too much desire for ejaculation is actuallly a sign of depleted sexual energy. One result is anxiety, etc.)

This may help explain why the Chinese were right: Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause a Hangover?


So far its been 8 full days

So far its been 8 full days of no porn!! IM on my 9th right now, even though it not much it still better then nothing I feel I can control it to. I keep u guys updated let u know how im doing on my 30 day challenge.

Its been so far 15 day of no

Its been so far 15 day of no masturbation!! I have been viewing porn on and off but in doing that I didn't not masturbate. to finish off my last 15 days in my 30 day challenge I will not view any type of porn at all and also continue to not masturbating. I'll let u guys know how I do