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I am marco from Italy. First of all I apologize for my english.
I am 33 and i recently married. I used porn and masturbation from 13 to one month ago. I ever had ED problems (in particular anxiety usually resolved with ed pills) with a partner (my first sexual intercourse was at 22) but never alone with porn or fantasy.
One monh ago i started to stop PM but not sex (with ed pills). I have not any problem for the first 10 days but then i started to have a Generalized anxiety disorder. Also in the last days my sexual anxiety is increased and my libido is near 0. I think this is the flat line.
Despite the use of Cialis i had 2 ED episodes in last 2 sexual intercourses probably because my libido is lower.
My general anxiety is very nonlinear...for example yesterday was 10 today 4.
Could i take some anxiety drugs or others medicines to limit anciety and to support dopamine?
Even if i have some sexual intecourses i hope to achieve my reboot and stop my sexual anxiety.
Thank you.


Hi Marco

Strange symptoms can show up for a while after you quit. Your brain is going through some surprisingly powerful changes. Be patient and don't expect instant performance.

We're not doctors, so we don't counsel people about drugs. Incidentally, one of the foremost experts on porn-related ED is an Italian professor. Perhaps a doctor at his clinic could suggest a helpful regimen. Here's some info about him: Italian men suffer 'sexual anorexia' after Internet porn use

Meanwhile, research has shown that both exercise and meditation seem to help the brain regulate itself during stress. There's lots of information on these and other techniques here: ♦Solo Tools

You're lucky to have a partner. If sex isn't an option, try daily bonding behaviors instead: The Lazy Way to Stay in Love Affection can soothe your stress too.

Also, I've collected supplement suggestions that guys here have made here:

Usually time and consistency are the best medicine. I know it's hard to be patient...and the flatline is scary. But guys come through it all the time - with no drugs at all. (Stories in links on this page: You can too.

All the best.


Thank you Marnia.

Thank you Marnia.
Day 45
My libido seems ok in those days but my anxiety is a rollercoaster!!! I have some digestive problems and stomach problems but not depression.
Everyday i practice autogenic training and I hope to resolve this anxiety problem soon.
Thank you.


does your wife know what is going on?

Welcome here. So glad you are on this journey. Your English is fine!

I told my wife what was going on when I started my reboot and I found that very helpful

The best thing you can do is a lot of cuddling and snuggling with your wife. That helps the anxiety and it helps you to recover from porn addiction (and every other addiction). If you can do 30 to 60 minutes of snuggling each day you will probably find everything gets a lot easier and you will begin to feel calmer.

Secondly I would resolve to drop the Cialis. Personally I think that medications like Cialis are not good for you. They put the focus on performance where it does not belong.

What is autogenic training, Marco?

Are you learning shiatsu

or receiving it?

Sorry about the anxiety. Mood swings of that kind are normal. Some guys notice that their moods level out about two months in, so you might be pretty close to a turnaround.

Even short snuggles with your sweetie are soothing. Think of it as grounding all that powerful yang energy of yours with her yin energy. New russian [<-- not sure what this emoticon is emoting, but I liked it]