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I am new to being a member of this website but have been exploring sacred sex for a year or so now. I am currently on day 45 of semen retention which is a record for me. I am hoping to reach 2 months but I am curious if anyone believes" the longer the better " or if I am at this point OK to start again. My goals are : ejaculation control, deeper understanding of my wife, more energy for life, and to learn the art of karezza. My obstacles are: past premature ejaculation memories, my wife has a lower sex drive than I, we have a busy life and kids, and sometimes my heightened sexual energy seems to almost make her want sex less because we are at different starting places( can be really frustrating to have a desire for sex push sex off further!)( im working on that one) anyone have advice on any of these matters? Thank you and grateful to have found this site!

I've heard several guys here

say they felt extra "needy" around their partners for a while, after beginning to contain their semen. I've also heard it gets better with time.

Are you engaging in daily affection (with no other goal, except on days you two have planned to have sex)? That seems to be the key to bringing couples into harmony. The Lazy Way to Stay in Love

As for your ejaculation schedule, that's up to you. The Chinese Daoists claimed frequency should be tied to the season, with more ejaculation in spring and (ideally) none in winter. Just observe yourself and find what works for you.