Novelty and the Brain: Why New Things Make Us Feel So Good

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Shouldn't the large brain

Shouldn't the large brain graphic say perseveration, not perserveration in the bottom left?

The article reminds me of how I would read notes backwards and forwards when studying for exams.

Guess a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down.

Ultimately, this seems a bit fatalistic. Not that there's nothing new, but as people age, less is new. How does one get around that? Also, is lowering dopamine then good or bad. With lower baseline dopamine, more might seem new/rewarding. On the other hand, one might be able to retain more old learning if mixing it with dopamine blasts of one form or another: new learning, other novelty, coffee, sugar, carbs, porn, etc. Could the brain research here be skewed by the subjects high baseline dopamine levels? Where would researchers find less adulterated humans to test?


I think that a brain that isn't overstimulated finds nuances interesting enough to make learning fun.

I was more thinking about how today's overstimulated porn users get drawn into to looking at increasingly weird stuff...and how their brains are set up to make that appealing...even though it's extremely risky in today's environment.

So maybe Love is Novelty!

Thanks for posting this. It gives me some hope.

For those of us who have done the sexual repression/sexual indulgence cycle, something new (like Karezza) is totally outside the box and hence "new". No wonder, I'm attracted to it. Finding people who are also attracted to it has certainly been challenging, but my interest hasn't flagged in many years. Perhaps when sexual politics get old for them (you would think with all the marital/relationship strife and alienation going around that it would be by now!), they'll start to take an interest in what is completely outside the power struggle box. The only things I know of in that department are Love, Playfulness, and Meditation. There's hope! Smile