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A couple of years ago, Daryl (who posts from time to time on this site) suggested that my wife try working with a jade egg. When we finally decided to get one, she worked with it off and on for only a few months – interestingly, something quite incredible eventually began to happen.

In order to keep the sexual energy flowing between us, I’ve always had to actively stimulate her clitoris with direct penis contact – which helps her stay lubricated and loose – for a time she would have to “tap out” every time the sensations started to bring her too close to orgasm. When she would get to that point, instinctively, my penis would pulse energetically inside her. It was like a wave of energy which was similar to what Daryl describes and has relayed to me in private conversations – “the man becomes a sender”.

Interestingly, within the past few weeks, since the muscles in her vagina have become so deliciously toned by the jade egg, she began (what she calls) “nursing” on my penis. This was quite a revelation to me because it is as if the sexual gender roles reversed. For example, when a woman breastfeeds an infant, she is the passive one while the baby does the work – the baby sucks as if its’ life depends upon it.

One night we were watching an old Attenbourgh documentary about an orphaned baby squirrel whose mother had been killed. A man found it and tried to dropper feed it but it was too weak. As it happened, there was a momma cat with a new batch of kittens in the house, so the guy tried to see if the cat would nurse the squirrel. Surprisingly, she did. She accepted the rodent which grew up with the kittens – they all accepted him as a brother and taught him rough and tumble cat play.

This obviously inspired my wife!

For so long, men have been the active force during sex. But oddly, when a man can hold his vibrant penis inside the woman, he becomes the passive nurturing one, and she CAN take on a more active role - like an infant – sucking – flexing the vaginal muscles like a baby on a teat, drawing in the sexual energy directly from him.

My gosh, I never realized what a powerful experience this could be! Especially as a man – because there was often a lot of awkwardness in sexual relations in my past experience with women. This kind of experience is empowering.

Every few minutes or so, we change positions, but this “nursing” continues until she is “filled”. Afterward, we get up and have coffee or tea, sit in our chairs and listen to my Karezza – Music for Lovers CD (which I’ve mentioned before is available for free down load at

The energy seems to subtly pulsate throughout our bodies the rest of the day – keeping us emotionally and mentally connected. It is such a nurturing and healing experience.

Nice !

Nice !
The man can also take an active role as giver, gently dissolving her resistance !
But yeah, i see your point. Men usually start anxiously forcing his energy into the lover, so to speak

Why a jade egg

 I am so grateful that you are still posting such amazing messages, Kevin. Why did Darrell suggest that your wife use the jade egg? What was the issue that was being addressed and how did it help solve it? I find this very interesting. Thank you again. 

Heightened sensitivity

Hi, if I remember right it was because he and I were discussing the most efficient way to "serve" the woman - which from Darryl's point of view is about sending energy. Since sexuality is based on cooperative polararity, he suggested my wife work with a jade egg in order to strengthen and bring more sensitivity to her body. She didn't have to do the jade egg very long before I noticed tremendous changes - which benefited me - like I already explained.

Wife's words

I asked her this morning to express what this experience feels like in a woman's body. She was quiet for awhile and thought about it. It seemed difficult for her to put into words, but I will relate - as best I can what she said.

"To me, a man represents Light, while a woman represents Life. When the two perform the sexual act, in a state of spiritual maturity, and without grasping for discharge or release, the energies of Light and Life merge into a third energy - this is Divine LOVE. A woman who consciously and actively draws this Light into herself, will experience a level of empowerment unlike any other experience. When it comes to sex, a woman naturally feels she must protect herself from his energy - so she doesn't really understand the importance of "drawing" him in.

"The man often feels that he isn't fully connecting with her, so he tries too hard. But when a man can be still and maintain a strong vibrant erection, the woman can relax and begin to fill herself - then there is a balancing within both. When a woman understands this and can appreciate her role in communicating this to her lover, through her vaginal squeezing and pulsating, it opens up channels of energy that cannot be accessed through any other means."

A woman is like LIFE/light
A man is like LIGHT/life
Together they create the force of LOVE which strengthens them in ways that cannot be achieved alone. This is certainly a high level of internal Alchemy.