Nuvaring birth control

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My girlfriend of over a year refuses to have sex without some form of birth control. She is only 20 years old so is very afraid of getting pregnant and having to drop out of school (she takes academics very seriously). It's a very sensitive topic for us because I feel like we are guarding ourselves from each other when using condoms or hormonal birth controls (i.e. Nuvaring) and inhibiting the exchange. Is this just in my head? I know I cannot push her to change this because her fear is completely understandable and I do not want to be unfair or insensitive. It sounds like once she is out of school she will be more open to less precautions.

From reading the other threads on this topic the general sentiment seems to be that birth control does in fact inhibit the Exchange to some degree. What can you do when your partner sees them as necessary though?

On not fornicating

I am 58 and suffered the consequences of fathering children I was unprepared to raise and support. The karmic effects are still painful. Making a baby when you are not ready can really mess up your life. The Gnostics teach about the wisdom of not fornicating - not to spill the semen. That's a hard skill to learn. Be careful. Intimacy is more about energy than doing things with body parts.