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Short story,since I gave up porn,(about 3 months ago) I relapsed like hmm about five times.It's okay I accept it.However,for about 3 weeks now,I've been having obsessive violent thoughts which are pretty scary.I've never ever had these in my life,so I'm hoping it's because of chemicals going crazy in my brain.

What's your opinion?Am I going crazy or it's part of the withdrawal?Also I'm flatlining,makes it impossible to relapse which is good.

Are you exercising?

Meditating? Socializing? Time in nature? All can help "take the edge off." Keep trying things until you find what works for you. And as others have said, many people naturally return to balance in a couple of months.

Stay cool.

I still got it guys,I'm

I still got it guys,I'm worried.Yes,I run in the nature like three times a week.When will these thoughts stop?It just seems so odd for me that I stopped porn and then like after 1 month I get these thoughts.I'm not even sure it's a withdrawal.

Paranoid at its worst.

I'm sorry

sounds upsetting. Do you have healthcare provider you trust? If you don't want to deal with meds, see an alternative practitioner and see what he/she recommends. A temporary aid might get you through this rough period.

I can handle it.

I can handle it.
Also,I read on some site,that a guy stopped M-ing,here is his comment:

"As an experiment, I once stopped masturbating. After three weeks, I developed a prostate infection. The doctor told me that the prostate needs to be regularly emptied, otherwise it becomes congested and increases the risk that bacteria will accumulate. Obviously, not everyone is prone to getting prostate infections, but I now happily masturbate per doctor’s orders."
What do you think,is this story believeable?Because you guys said on the site that it needn't to be emptied in order to avoid prostate infection and stuff.

I'm so confused right now on

I'm so confused right now on.It's been three weeks without M.And on a site it says :

Broadly, and to over-simplify, Chinese medicine would refer to these sorts of issues as "Liver qi stagnation" and "Liver blood stagnation". The Chinese medical concept of "Liver" says that "the Liver rules spreading and flowing", and the Liver has lot to do with emotions. Also, obviously, the libido is a very deep aspect of psychology.

Semen retention gone wrong can result in:
- anger,
- over-aggressiveness,
- depression,
- eventual lower center rebellion against retention,
- sexual obsession, compulsion, addiction. (Men tend to be sexually frenetic anyway. While a satisfying sex life is important, the purpose of wisely directed jing cultivation is not to enable sexual mania, but to gradually access deep harmony.)

Practically, everyone has emotional issues to begin with, stored in their physical structure, in warped stuck areas of fascia. Since sexual energy is dense it has the tendency to get stuck in, and intensify, pre-existing physical-emotional blockages. Related issues are the maintenance of a smooth, balanced endocrine system, as well as the more esoteric issues of energetic balance, chakras, and tan tiens (on which there's an abundance of written material, but almost none of it sufficiently authentic).

Also, semen retention is often imposed upon the lower center without really being aware of nor coming to terms with the psychology and alchemy of the lower center. It's a sort of bullying of the lower center by the upper center/s. After some long period of this abuse, the lower center often re-asserts itself with a vengeance.

A whole range of sexual ~ emotional ~ lifestyle issues can easily get created, masked, and exacerbated by the wrong view, and misuse, of sexual energy practices.

I used to be very calm ,but since I started this no PMO these aggressive thoughts pop out of nowhere.
Now I really don't know whether my brain trying to balance itself or it is just the overflow of testosterone because of no M

Obviously not.

Withdrawal can last as long as it lasts. Where is it written that withdrawal only lasts 30 days. This is a lifetime effort. What is another 30 days. Or 60 days. In the scheme of your whole life.

You are getting closer

Don't give up on the fight yet.
Three weeks is a great achievement but usually it's not enough for a reset. After 3 weeks your lack of M will create a lot of tensions in you so what you are experiencing is normal.
Don't worry about the buildup of semen and tension. When its too much you will have a wet dream.
Push for 60/90 days and I'm confident you will see improvements.

I had the same thing happen

I had the same thing happen when I first quit everything. I was having violent, obsessive, crazy thoughts...
It got so bad I had to quit working, and I was afraid to be around sharp things like knives and scissors...

I remember a couple of nights with this that were just excruciating... Like when you're really tired and driving and you have to force yourself, minute by minute, second by second to stay awake. But it was like that with the obsessive thoughts. I had to keep saying something positive to myself for every negative, unwanted, or violent thought, and I couldn't sleep at all for days.

What finally helped me was the information from Carl Jung about the shadow, and something my therapist said. He used an analogy of being afraid to go near a cliff bc you are afraid you are going to jump off for no apparent reason. The worst of it happened when I was in a room full of people and literally felt like I was going to pop. You know, go nuts and start being violent, trying to kill everybody or something. But it literally felt like I couldn't control it anymore. So, I realized that if it was going to happen, it was going to happen and I couldn't do anything about it, that's when I felt something leave me. I believe it was an entity or evil spirit or something and that my fear is what gave it power. When I had accepted part of my shadow by realizing that it was beyond my control, I had transcended the fear and it lost it's power or something like that.