orgasm and energy in vagina/clitoris

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I have recently started practicing karezza with a close male friend. We are committed to practicing karezza even though we are not in a conventional committed relationship and see each other two maybe three times a week. We are monogamous. Our sexual connection is extremely powerful. He is very able to not have orgasm (he has been interested in karezza for about seven years). When making love last week, during gentle intercourse I had an orgasm. His belly was rubbing against my clitoris though he wasn't trying to make me come. I also felt what seemed like positive expanding energy around my clitoris and vagina though I understand this is supposed to be my receptive/negative pole. I wonder if other women have had this experience? I can sense it is difficult for me to let go of having orgasms with this man, and especially having them during intercourse rather than just with oral sex is kind of amazing. I believe that karezza can move the level of connection to higher, more spiritual, and ecstatic realms. It seems like a long road from here to there at the moment. Any encouragement?

Some things can't be forced

you're very lucky to have such a partner.

Some women report that when they have no goal of orgasm and it just occasionally happens, they don't notice much in the way of neurochemical ripples afterward. I'm not so lucky. I almost always notice a few splashes of edginess during the next two weeks.Mamba

What really matters is what's true for you.

energy in vagina/clitoris

Thank you Marnia for your response and welcome.

In some of Diana Richardson's writing she explains women's energy polarity as having a "positive pole" in the breasts, and a "negative pole" in the vagina. My experience was different: I had an expanding positive sense in and from my clitoral/vaginal area. Do other women experience this?


I know that for me the most exhilerating arousal is a feeling of wanting to make love to the whole world. It's both genital (receptive) and expansive. But it's hard to put such feelings into words, or compare them based on words, isn't it?

Marnia, Your comment reminds

Marnia, Your comment reminds me of something Ramakrishna is reported to have said about his experience of enlightenment: "It's like being penetrated in every pore by the penis of God." And my feeling (I am male), when I have been lucky enough to move toward this experience, (not enlightenment, but this wonderfully exhilarating feeling that comes with karezza) is also receptive, accompanied by a sense of wanting to share.