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I know that everybody is different. But for me, it seems I can't get back to a normal emotional state after orgasm unless I shed tears. I tend to get really irritable and anxious, otherwise. And the stress just continues to build. Is orgasm and depression related? Or is this just a normal clearing of stress hormones (prolactin?) that needs to happen for the mind to get back where it needs to be faster? (same results, regardless of whether porn is used or not) If prolactin rises after orgasm and dopamine drops, would tears (the release of prolactin) raise your dopamine faster than without tears?


tears are not that unusual in males or females. It's likely a lot of it is hormonal. But no one yet knows the answers to your specific questions about dopamine and prolactin.

You may find the intro to this study interesting as it mentions men:

Also, even though this article is about women, it's likely relevant for anyone who experiences tears: Women: Does Orgasm Give You a Hangover?

Very little is known about the experiences of men. Research on rats, however, is explaining why mood swings after orgasm could be perfectly normal, especially if ejaculation is too frequent (for you): Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause a Hangover? and The Passion Cycle.

One way around the mood swings is to master another approach to lovemaking: Another Way to Make Love.

sometimes lately

I feel tears very close when I'm inside my partner. I am not having an orgasm. It's the depth of my feelings and the connection I feel that makes me feel like crying, very emotional.

Well, for a man, I've always

Well, for a man, I've always been overly sensitive, basically all my life. I have depression on both parents side of the family and I don't take medication for it (always been a believer in nutrition and exercise over medication). I don't see it as a problem, I just think some are genetically prone to relieving stress through tears more than others. It actually puts me in a really good mood after the release, I get much more energetic and social. More artistic too. Sensitivity increases, in general can trigger tears in me, I guess. Its also common for me after a deep meditation. Both seem to reduce the ego, making me less judgmental and more open with people. I tend to use emotional music as a tool of sorts for clearing negative emotions. But the only time that this seems to be 100% necessary before I can make progress with my mood is after an orgasm. From there, I can feel progressively better with time, without the need for tears. Orgasm, for me, seems to create a sort of emotional blockage that only tears can break down. The way I've always looked at it is; I'd rather feel sad temporarily than irrationally lash out at people in anger. Energy and libido tend to pick up on day 3 or 4, post-orgasm, without interference from other things (cardio exercise and too much omega 3s can both effectively kill my libido, for example, regardless of how far past the orgasm). ...I don't know where I'm going with any of this, just observations. Lol.

If I were able to find an

If I were able to find an open-minded partner, I would love to try. I've purposely had sex before without finishing, but it wasn't a gentle approach. It didn't drain me, the results were good, I felt good afterwards. But it did kind of build up sexual tension, not something that can be maintained. ...At this point, though, I can't even find a partner period, let alone one who would try Karezza.

Yeah, I definitely notice

Yeah, I definitely notice that when I'm thinking anything positive about a person they can tell, even though I don't actually say it. Which usually leads to conversation opportunities with strangers. Its just a matter of mental training (which for me, means a lot of meditation) and putting myself in new social situations. ...My family has always been pretty anti-social, which means I've had to make most of my social progress from scratch. I've come a long way, but girls are still out of my comfort zone, for now. Hahah.