Orgasmic birth

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I'm a member of a Karezza group on Facebook, and a friend who is interested in, but skeptical of the post-orgasmic hangover, asked about orgasmic birthing.

He posted the following video, and asked specifically why the body would be designed for such an experience, if it ends up harming the bond between mother and child.

I wonder if anyone has any thoughts or experiences with regards to orgasmic birthing, and the supposed benefits associated with this experience?

No one here

has said anything about birth experiences causing separation between mother and child. So I'm not sure where you got that idea.

This site is about how daily bonding behaviors and not going for orgasm (between lovers) can strengthen bonds. The Lazy Way to Stay in Love | Reuniting My guess is that the only way the information here would be applicable to mothers is if they used their children to produce explosive orgasms (of the type today's lovers are encouraged to pursue) very regularly. Then one might see the same antipathy build up. But hopefully humanity will never make this experiment.

I've heard that women report gentle arousal during nursing, which seems to be a karezza-like experience that probably strengthens bonds.



Many things that may be virtually harmless for us in moderation, or infrequently, are not good for us in excess, and this includes many things bodies evolved with the capacity to do, or even find enticing/beneficial. Think about junk food, or sunshine or even exercise.

Your friend may find this interesting: Will Orgasms Keep You in Love? | Reuniting

Thank you for replying Marnia

Thank you for replying Marnia!

I understand that this is not really related directly to Karezza, as Karezza is about pair-bonding behavior between partners, and how we can strengthen the bond between lovers by engaging in bonding behaviors, and the detrimental effects of frequent orgasm on bonding.

The only reason I posted the question is because I didn't have an answer for my friend, who has not read the book, Cupid´s poisoned arrow, yet, and therefore has some questions unanswered.

I didn't know how to respond to the whole orgasmic birth scenario, as I was unsure if this type or orgasm experience would trigger similar dopamine rush / oxytocin drop responces between mother and child as between mother and lover.

I doubt anyone has looked at the topic,

given that they haven't yet studied the issue between lovers yet. Wink In any case, the post-O neurochemical swings can get projected onto anyone and anything, and wouldn't necessarily be projected onto the child.

As far as mothers go, I'm sure everyone is all for whatever helps them cope with birth trauma.