Oxytocin and sexual addiction

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Although oxytocin is associated with warm touch, it can also be high in stress situations...such as mothers guarding offspring and women unhappy with their relationships. This research shows that it's also dysregulated in addicts...including sex addicts. (One of the major brain changes in addicts is "dysregulated stress response," and the team of Swedish researchers who did this research have done others showing evidence of neurochemical dysregulation in those suffering from compulsive sexual behavior disorder.)

At the same time, oxytocin administration is associated with easing addiction symptoms. So clearly the situation is complex, and levels, receptors and other factors play a role.

Like meditation, exercise and improved diet, karezza helps balance neurochemistry in the limbic system, increasing wellbeing. Oxytocin can help explain the benefit (or will once we fully elucidate what does what), but that doesn't mean a shortcut via sniffing oxytocin can replace close, trusted relationship and affection. See: https://www.reuniting.info/science/oxytocin_revisited


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COMMENTS: Study on subjects with hypersexuality (porn/sex addiction) reports epigenetic changes mirroring those occurring in alcoholics. The epigenetic changes occurred in genes associated with the oxytocin system (which is important in love, bonding, addiction, stress, etc.). Highlights:

  • Sex/porn addict’s epigenetic markers for the brain’s oxytocin system looks similar to alcoholics
  • Study’s findings aligns with Kuhn & Gallinat, 2014 (famous fMRI study on porn users)
  • Findings could indicate a dysfunctional stress system (which is a key change in addiction)
  • Alteration in oxytocin genes could affect bonding, stress, sexual functioning, etc.

For more, read this rather technical lay article: Scientists identify hormone potentially linked to hypersexual disorder

Thanks for the thorough

Thanks for the thorough response.
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I just post neuroscience based research in regards to our karezza interest, for us to discuss and objectively consider as new stuff comes out.
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