Pain in husband's penis when keeping still

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My husband says that he doesn't like to keep still while being inside of me, because it hurts. He says that during intercourse if we are moving vigorously then it's pleasurable, but when we stop moving, it's painful. He says it's not blue balls and it doesn't hurt his testicles, just his penis. Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any suggestions?

slow is ok

He doesn't seem to mind slower more sensual movement. He says he finds it less exciting but at least it doesn't cause him pain, like stopping does. That is unless we go really fast first and then slow. Husband says that's like suddenly putting the brakes on in a car and getting whiplash.Maybe that had something to do with why he felt pain as we stopped moving. Perhaps it was this 'whiplash" he experiences when we go from one speed to another. I know we should probably try to keep it slow the whole time, but it's easy to fall back into old habits. We're both new to karezza and we're still adjusting and trying to figure it out.

more info

husband says it's a stinging sensation over the whole penis. He says it doesn't hurt when he's hard but when he starts to go soft that's when it hurts. He says that's why he likes vigerous thrusting because it keeps him hard but when we stop and just stay still he begins to lose his erection and that causes him pain.


Does he have any urination problems? (dribbling, slow stream, other urinary tract pain).

Is this new or has it been this way a long time?

One of the general diagnosis for generic pain in the penis, flacid or erect, that has no other surface indication is prostatitis. Admittedly it is a catch all for this type of pain.