Painful Erections

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Perhaps this should be its own post, but I'll post it here and let the moderators decide.

I started trying to cure myself of this addiction a little over a year ago because I was having copulatory ED. Since then, I have had successes and failures, relapses and such, but I am currently over 60 days into my recent stretch of no PMO, and I feel better than ever.

I've been waking up from time to time with partial erections, and even get a few semis out in public while riding the subway and things like that (though these are less common). What has happened to me a few times, is that I'll wake up with a full on erection that is actually a little bit painful. I hadn't heard of anything like this before in anyone else's experiences. Is this common? Is my body not so used to full on erections that the ones I'm getting are hurting a little? Will this go away? Could I have damaged my penis from years of unhealthy prone masturbation?

These days my best erections though seem to be the ones that hurt a little bit. They are the only ones I'm getting where I feel the penis is fully erect enough for sex.

Yes, another guy did report that here

earlier this year. I can't remember who it was. Quizure can find anything. Ask her. Wink

The problem went away with time.

My theory (worth very little...) is that some of you have been masturbating without full erections, and once your mojo builds and your normal erection power kicks in, your body isn't used to such full erections. In time, your body adjusts.

Does the Cold water technique help? What about warm water? See Help for blue balls

Keep us informed.

sounds like

sounds like
- unreleased pressure from arousal but this generally shouldn't be painful unless there's
- some level of pelvic floor dysfunction. sexual repression, too frequent or perhaps too intense an ejaculation can cause your pelvic floor muscles to tighten too much putting too much pressure on genitals, impinging blood flow and causing aches and pains.

i'd go to the doctor and get a check up tho he can do an ultrasound and examination. there are more serious conditions like scarring, damaged or blocked blood vessels like in priapism but again i wouldn't think that to be the case.

other than that. there wouldn't be anything else to cause pain.
mine has been as a result of tight pelvic floor muscles.