painful nocturnal erection?

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anyone experienced anything like this going through abstinence? i hope my description isn't too detailed and uncomfortable for any reader.
I'll notice as I'm sleeping / half asleep / wake up to it. never happens during the day.
been happening over the last approximately 1.5 months.
doesn't usually come on with any erotic dreams or thoughts (but may) and when it does there'll be no sexual feeling either.
to make it go down i'll have to distract myself.

feels different to a normal nighttime erection as its less engorged (feels and looks narrower), it's as hard as stone but the glans are soft/limp - like blood wants to keep pumping but if there's any contraction, it'll hurt all up and down the shaft.
it could be me thinking about it too much but the veins look a little more dark and prominent than usual.

Haven't heard that

description before. Do you think it could be the case that your penis is now engorging normally and fully, where before you were ejaculating with a partial erection (and so frequently that you never had nighttime action)?

Any changes in the pain level over that time?


could be. yes there were partial erection ejaculations in the past. i always resented those.

come to think of it. when i used to PMO i never really had nighttime erections. gradually over some recent months i started to get them. but they have been painful. i suppose my penis is trying to stabilise itself now. but just seemed like overkill engorgement. with the glans still soft, just didn't feel like normal. like the shaft wanted to burst through the skin. but without any general libido i guess is why i'm not feeling much do you think?

it was better last night. the erection was firm and fat including the glans, and amazingly lasted almost all through the night. every time i awoke which was many times. it felt ok since it had some sexual feelings with it and nowhere near as painful so i'm guessing maybe it's just a phase. i hope so. at least i know my body still does the relatively normal thing. pretty unusual it changed a bit overnight. i did do some exercise late afternoon which may have helped.

i'll just let it do it's thing and ask the doctor next time i see them.