Penis owners instruction manual

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Some is meuroscience compatible. Maybe there's a comparable vagina manual somewhere.

Hey I own a penis.

Hey I own a penis.


I was amazed that the average length is only 5,1 inches. After reboot I'm definetly gonna try some jelqing. I would love to go to 8.

Right, so size worries are

Right, so size worries are more about the insecurity of and attack on male identity which is perhaps a lot less skilled than we men like to think. What might this suggest about the men who think they are too big?

What do some women gain by focusing on size which harms men and women?

I've thought about this a bit

and I wonder if it has to do with how their bodies react to intercourse.  What I've noticed is that my vagina adjusts to fit my partner - it might expand a bit at first, but then when the blood starts flowing, the tissues will swell to perfectly fit what ever size of penis there is, if someone was big, it took a little less time to "snuggle to fit', or a little longer with someone smaller.  Of course, if sex doesn't last long enough for the natural arousal process to happen, I suspect that 'bigger' might indeed feel better in the short (no pun intended) run.   

Women are generally hypercritical of other women  - most of them, if shown pictures of pefectly healthy women, ones that men would naturally go 'va va voom!' at, will classify them as fat.  They've been brainwashed by years of fashion magazines, and television. Cosmo distorts women's views the same way porn distorts men's.  When I was 18, my female "friends" called me fat, but random men wolf-whistled me.



Makes sense. Though wouldn't

Makes sense. Though wouldn't a less initially good fit make more arousal possible for the female? It also might make it easier for the man to not have the life squeezed out of him and ultimately both to enjoy sex more?