PM, Procrasctination, and Drive.

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Whenever i do Porn or Masturbation or even edging, i feel sap. And it makes me lazy which in turn makes me procrastinate where i should've do lots of things (and finish it) in my life.
I recognize i have drive to accomplish things in my life. And i feel a balanced male who's not addicted to porn or masturbation, naturally have one aswell. But, i notice, each and every time i have orgasm and ejaculate from doing masturbation, that drive goes down the drain. Then the moodines, lethargy, brain fog, the usual shenanigans kicks in.
It's like Porn and Masturbation is there to sabotage me (or male in general) to accomplish things in life.

What do you take on this ?

This phenomenon

has been reported for thousands of years. And it seems to be worse in those who have seriously overtaxed their sexual desire.

As they recover, many report decreased symptoms from "just sex" or even "just masturbation." So it may get better.

Ultimately, it's wise to "know thyself." Some of us are just more affected than others by the neurochemical cycle of orgasm. See The Passion Cycle for more.