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I have gone two weeks with pmo or masturbation.I completed the first step of karezza by not ejaculating for two weeks.However,tonight when i finally tried karezza sex with my girl i only went in 1-2 inches at the beginning but after this got boring i went in deeper..we had 2 more rounds of sex with orgasms..Does this mean that i have to start all over again and wait another two weeks to have sex without orgasm or can i continue in a few days since i have not masturbated or watch porn.

don't know that answer

But I do know that Karezza takes real time and commitment and you can't expect to make any kind of switchover without it.

It's wonderful you didn't ejaculate for two weeks. The longer you don't ejaculate, in my experience, the better, so long as you do a lot of bonding stuff with your girl. Morning and night snuggling really did it for me, and awakened feelings I never knew existed in me. And I haven't had an orgasm in several months now and don't have any interest in having one.

All to say that I recommend you commit to Karezza if you two are really interested in it. It can be and has been for me, a novice, a much deeper and more ecstatic experience even though I'm really brand new to it.

i know she will be very

i know she will be very dissapointed if she has to wait another two weeks to have sex since we already committed two successful weeks without pmo or masturbation...would there be a problem to resume karezza in a few days despite the fact that i messsed up and orgasmed in 3 rounds?...