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"All Recent Posts" is now "Recent Rebalancing Posts." It will soon be dropping below "Recent Karezza Posts," so karezza visitors can easily find the new posts relevant to Karezza, without wading through the challenges of rebalancing. The "Recent Rebalancing Posts" will always include ALL posts.

I'm thinking of limiting the third column of video clips to the first page of the site so it doesn't get in the way. Any thoughts on that?

I think you should make

I think you should make newcomers wade through endless posts about ED and porn addiction.

Here are some sample posts for all newcomers to view-

Day 32- I cant stop looking at porn!
ED caused by wet dream at my parents house
Am I gay? Looked at 7 hours of gay porn, but I swear Im not gay
Random sexual encounter in Target parking lot... again (5th one in 2 days)
Porn-Blocking software posting on my facebook!
Like this girl.. but she looked at my internet history and havent heard from her since

Yes, please limit the video

Yes, please limit the video clips to the first page.

And is there a way for the site to be set to not be fixed width?  On all of my monitors, it takes up only about 1/2 the screen - running down the middle.  Lots of dead white space.