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My husband and I decided to make love tonight. We took it very slow and all day I been working on my patients I know it's still a work in progress so I will continue to work on it. Anyway, I was the wettest I have ever been. I am so glad for the information of massaging the clitoris with the penis head it worked wonders in self lubrication and as we laid there still I continued to grow wetter. The most amazing experience yet and can't wait to have more wonderful experiences. I just had no Idea that a woman could get so wet without coming. I'm am so thankful to have wonderful help from all of you who I have spoken with. Happy Love Making. :D

The wetness

Is wonderful isnt it? Since we began Karezza my wife is wetter than she has ever been! We are both amazed! It is so nice and so so slippery.


It is amazing what the human body can do when it is given the time and space to respond in its own natural way.

Huge thumbs up to you, and your husband, for having the courage to try something new and open to true intimacy.