In reboot but craving, new woman on horizon, hard to resist

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Hi all, I haven't posted in a while, and a lot has happened since the last time I posted, in any case, I am recently separated from my partner of three years, after over a year without sex and realizing we did not have a future as a couple for a host of reasons...
Anyways, I'm rebooting from PMO after a month here, a couple of months clean I'm at day 5.
But there's a super attractive, fun, much younger (I look years younger than I am) woman at work that has sort of popped up recently...anyways, I'm getting blue balls just from spending time with her, and I have been dropping lots of suggestions about karezza and stuff with her and she says it sounds amazing and stuff. We admit we get turned on talking about it.
But the fact is, I'm not in a position at the moment to really date her. I'm still in the process of separation and working out details, and I need to have my wits about me. But darn, I wake up in the morning with an erection thinking about her and when she texts me or I see her I get massive sensations in my genitals.
Cold shower time?
Also, is it even realistic if I am so aroused (and we get along really well too) that we could even do karezza?

dropping lots of suggestions...

Could you please give me some hints about the wording when you drop the suggestions to her. I am a woman so I will have to tweak things somewhat. I don't have any problem with bringing up the subject I just don't know how to bring it up in a way that keeps the info short, I can see myself going on for hours explaining so much that it would probably turn him off, put him to sleep or worse still make him think I am a freak or even a control freak.
I really need to find a way to put enough info across without over doing it.
I have just started dating again myself and I understand you asking is karezza possible when you are so aroused yourself I guess we must want it enough and try, like anything that's worth the effort we keep at it learn as we go and keep taking all the fantastic advice from this site. Seems clear that it can't be transformed from hot and steamy to karezza in a day.


Well, when I drive I tend to be very talkative, and she's pretty quick witted so she can get things pretty fast.
I just tell her what karezza is "the lazy way to stay in love"- a way to make relationships wholesome and lasting.
Lying in bed all day on a Sunday, holding each other.
Real bonding. Not the huge highs and lows of the sexual rollercoaster.
She seems to get the gist.
I also joke a lot to keep it light.

Update-calming down

I've calmed down significantly over the last few days.
More interested just in friendship to be honest.
Which is nice.
Also releasing any feelings of craving and neediness. I don't enjoy those feelings. Meditation and time spent with friends and healthy activities is great.
In terms of eventually finding a nice karezza mate, I think if I'm in a good place with myself, it will all fall into place.