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I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through the spirituality posts. They have been most enlightening, and heartening.

Could you recommend three-to-five favorite books, that you think best shed light on why we are here and how we are to proceed? I have hints based on the spirituality posts, but thoughts/opinions change over time, and many of the spirituality posts are from '05.

Thank you!

It really depends on what flavor you prefer

These are the suggestions of one forum member here for learning more about karezza:

What intrigues me is the intersection of many different traditions. Therefore I tend to be most drawn to spiritual materials that take a very inclusive, non-doctrinaire approach.

For the last several years, most of my efforts have gone into helping my husband with, and related projects, which we felt "landed on our plate". I hope that will shift before long, but it has helped a lot of people so I'm assuming it has been time well spent. That project has had the disadvantage of pulling me away from doing much writing about karezza.

Yep, I saw that post, and

Yep, I saw that post, and have read all of those (except the first version of your book; I just read the follow-on), plus all from your Wisdom page and most from your Wisdom/Sources page.

I will be more direct. I saw fine articles by you summarizing where Cayce and ACIM intersect with Karezza/spiritual sex. Do you find the Cayce and ACIM materials, from a broader-than-just-Karezza/spiritual enlightenment perspective, to be worthwhile? If yes, do you have favorite Cayce books? If not, are there other authors/channels/books that you have found worthwhile in your spiritual development?

I ask because I am a slow reader, and the language in Cayce and ACIM can be trying. But, if you have found things that are worthwhile for broader spiritual enlightenment, I would like to investigate them.

P.S. -- your husband's video is what opened my eyes to my problems. It is great that you are helping him with his efforts, as I am sure that others, too, will find that work of life-changing value.

My favorites

Hi John G.

My all time favorite books on spirituality are:

1. The Book of Mirdad by Mikhail Naimy
2. The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are by Allan Watts
3. Sex Matters by Osho
4. Being in Love by Osho
5. Dying to Be Me by Anita Moorjani

There is also an excellent book that is closely connected to healing and spirituality which I also love. It's called: " Kitchen Table Wisdom" by Rachel Remen.

I hope this helps.