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I am 26 years old and I have tried to abstain from viewing pornography for four months now. I thought I was going great but right now, it seems that I have practically no penile sensibility, just like at the beginning.

A few weeks ago I turned on the television during the middle of the night and there was a pornographic movie. I watched it for a couple of minutes. One time I also saw video thumbnails with nudity. A few days ago I had to buy a new computer for e-mails, plane tickets, etc. I spent more than two hours on youtube-like sites and I was extremely tempted to watch erotic videos but at the end I did not. Is it possible that all these occurrences have annihilated my progress ?

I am a foreign PhD student and I am currently undergoing great pressure at work. My workload exceeds those of the local students. My advisor is extremely demanding and don't talk clearly about the requirements of the program.

During these four months I did not meet any women and masturbated only twice. I am also a virgin. I don't know how I am going to go through this situation, with the workload, the erectile dysfunction and the isolation from women. However I often wake up with morning woods and I have occasionally nocturnal emissions.

Thank you